• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Finally! Ukraine Used The American M777 155mm Howitzer To Destroy Russia. With the war between Ukraine and Russia raging …


31 thoughts on “Finally! Ukraine Used The American M777 155mm Howitzer To Destroy Russia”
  1. Artillery is the king of battle. I was part of the war in Iraq in 2003. We operated the M198 howitzer and destroyed the entire 51st mechanized division and liberated the entire country in less than 72 hours. Weather it be the M777 or the M198 there is no doubt that the weapon is only as good as the men who operate it. I laughed at the part showing the taiwanese military and the two men facing backwards both operating the ramming staff together with absolutely no sense of power or urgency. If you don’t seat that round, it’s not going to have the compression needed to get the rounds on target. It would be the equivalent to firing a potato gun loaded with a tangerine, and when you’ve got friendly’s ahead who are counting on you to deliver an accurate and on time delivery of steel rain it’s absolutely imperative that the crew members are trained extensively to operate such weaponry and furthermore that their heart is in the battle. As a Marine we all rolled into battle with our differences aside and together we had the same goal. That’s in the heart of every Marine. A band of brothers who’s bond can never be broken. Failure was not an option nor was it ever in question or even the slightest concern by any of us. We came to kick ass, and that’s exactly what we did. Semper Fi
    5th Battalion 11th Marines 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton CA. And for the record to those who rode back with us onboard the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6 (RIP) I was the one, the only, peanut butter bandit who in good fun reeked havoc upon the skullery when operated by fellow Marines. Ever get a crappy cereal inside a good box? Yeah that was me too. It’s like they say, nothing more dangerous than a bored Marine! The face on the ones that got the unpopular cereal inside the box of a popular one was priceless, although we never did see the reaction of the opposite who received the most popular cereal inside the last choice box. Nothing other than the box was swapped, no cereal was ever opened or tampered with and it was all done in good fun and in good spirits…at least from my perspective! Ha hahah!

  2. Finally?? Ukraine had over 2,000 of towed artillery pieces, about 500 multiple rocket launchers, over 1000 self-propelled guns before the war and most have been destroyed by the russians. Am wondering what has been put in place to prevent these m777 and crews not meet the same fate? especially now that president Putin is threatening to hit harder than before against these systems

  3. The war is lost for Putin and the Ukrainians will push the Russians back to their land and everything will be destroyed in the process, that is one of Putins goals. Look at my country of the USA, every war after WW2 has aspects of what Putin is doing! So they all have blood on their hands. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… the list gos on and on and the millions that died for what? Total BULL S H I T. I don't think that humans deserve to live on this earth. It's not only what we do to each other but what we do to environments that support animals, plants. We extend our violence even on them. I am ashamed to call my self a human these days. If we don't fight the rich with their wars and their politics that destroy the only planet we have then we are all the fools that stood by and let them destroy it all!!! PEACE AND LOVE from California! Slava Ukraine!

  4. Don't tell us, the public, that Russia is the best military forces in the world !!! If they are, I have a bridge to sell you in Sydney, Australia !!! Putin IS DELUDED !!! SLAVA UKRAINI !!!

  5. Its amazing how we got Billions of dollars to send over to Ukraine to fight A-war with Russia yet the people United States are starving and hungry with no jobs no factories nothing take a dependent on not even Education not even vocational schools not even a factory's nothing here in the United States is working the infrastructure is all the infrastructure is all f*** u* this drugs all over the United States that teaching our kids the teaching are kids to use drugs the kitchen are kids the cat teaching our kids to get abortions but they're not teaching our kids how to live a American dream why screen wow wow wow wow yet We do have money to send overseas toverseas to create wars is this is what you called a government democratic democratic a government looking for peace A government that's supposed to help the American people America America is collapsing state by state city by city town by town but there's billions and trillions of dollars to send overseas to Afghanistan and now to Ukraine Ukraine pretty soon we'll have 10 trillion dollars to go to war with China but I'm but I don't think that's gonna happen it's not gonna happen not on my watch Not an anybody's watch we're done we don't have nothing nothing the government killed the American dream Don't blame America blame the politicians the politicians that are filling their pockets with money and destroy America at the same time a 150 million jobs went overseas all over the world from America and the dream of America went with it Game shame shame Biden put another nail in the coffin

  6. You lie, putin-Hitler-Satan has never had the best military in the world, we Americans have the best military in the world, what have you been smoking or you have been believing putin-Hitlary-Satans propaganda.

  7. Really?
    Check out how the first battery of these "wonder weapons" have been destroyed as soon as it reached the battlefield…
    Death to Ukrainian Neo Nazis! Death to the warmongering US imperialism!

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