• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ukraine War: Russian armoured vehicles destroyed, Ukrainian Brigade says

As many as eight Russian armoured vehicles, including five tanks, were destroyed in a single battle near Marinka in Ukraine’s …


37 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Russian armoured vehicles destroyed, Ukrainian Brigade says”
  1. Sky news ran out of material on Ukraine. They barely upload anymore Ukrainian glory clips. They can only recycle the same Ukrainian victories a few dozen times before people start to notice.

  2. According to the Mossad intelligence and special missions agency, Israel's national intelligence service, Ukraine lost 302 aircraft, 212 helicopters, 6320 tanks, 7360 artillery systems, 157,000 killed, 234,000 wounded, 17,230 captured, 234 NATO instructors, 2,458 mercenaries died. The losses of Russia, which the publication publishes, are an order of magnitude lower – 18,480 killed, 44,500 wounded, including 23 aircraft, 56 helicopters, 889 tanks, 427 art. systems.

  3. Russia would have become a firmer economic power and outpaced the United States and China if it hadn't gone to war. Russia retreated 50 years in the war. By the time the war is over, Putin will be dead and the economy will crash. It will become a worse country than North Korea and split into several federal states to guard against each other.

  4. Russia has now become very active in the offensive. They have an advantage in artillery, air, etc. I admire Ukraine's courageous defense, but they need support. They urgently need tanks, aviation and long-range weapons. Only then will they be able to successfully counterattack and liberate their territories

  5. Day by day we see how Ukrainians successfully defense their territories. They really do want to get our Russian from their country. They don’t waste our weapons or moneys. All that we have them , Ukrainians used for sure . I believe that our military help has to increase

  6. Bla bla – all I see every day is Russia advancing several miles and Ukrainians on full retreat everywhere.

    Even Denys Davydov isn't hiding this fact anymore.

    And if Milley says the Ukrainians are holding the line – a man who made very clear he hates every single American and will help the CCP-Han to slaughter all of the USA – well then surely they do! LOL

  7. Glory to Ukraine! A beautiful country with courageous people who are now fighting for the whole democratic world, for their homeland, and all of us. We must help them until victory!

  8. Great job by Ukrainian warriors. One more prrof of their effectiveness when combined with our modern weapons. We need to provide more military aid if we want them to succeed. Russian terrorists cannot be allowed to reach their goals in Ukraine, the consequences will be dire for not only Ukraine but the whole Europe.

  9. If now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are so good at destroying the Russian army, then imagine how the Ukrainians will destroy Putin's bandits when NATO equipment arrives.
    Let's quickly put tanks and jets in Ukraine. Time to bury Putin

  10. Support for Ukraine is very important because Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom and the lives of their loved ones. The more we help Ukraine, the sooner this war will end and we will be able to save more lives

  11. I suppose there are no ukrainian armored vehicles being destroyed? How is the ukrainian army doing around Bahkmut? If the ukrainians are already winning the war why do they need western tanks and F-16s? This video may cheer up those who are in favor of Ukraine, but it doesn't reflect the overall reality on the battlefield.

  12. With the start of the new year of conflict, Putin has implemented fresh measures. As anticipated, the tension has intensified on all fronts. At the same time, Russia persists in its systematic demolition of towns. The entire southeastern part of Ukraine now bears the appearance of a desolate wasteland, and its populace, numbering in the millions, are forced to endure constant apprehension. Soledar, Bakhmut, Vugledar, and other cities in the vicinity remain under a state of perpetual anxiety.

  13. Man, I just can't believe those tanks are destroyed like that with real life people living just a couple of seconds before they got cooked within the iron coffin. I don't care if it is Russian or Ukrainian, dying like that is just horrible. I hope this war ends soon. Ukraine doesn't want this, and I am certain some of the Russian soldiers also don't want this.

  14. NATO must hit the Russian army hard or just get the Ukrainians out from that country immediately. Putin is tiring NATO by attacking step by step. Christian countries should unite at this moment to help their Christian brothers in Ukraine. Who else gonna help them? Muslims?

  15. The following proposed solution could weaken Russia's position:

    1. the West proposes a ceasefire on the condition that blue helmet soldiers are sent to all areas conquered by Russia. These must be composed of pro-Russia and pro-Ukraine nations as well as neutral states and must guarantee the protection of the population.

    2. all displaced persons will be allowed to return under the protection of the blue helmets.

    3. referendums will be held, with the participation of international election observers, in which the people of the Donbas region will decide whether they want to belong to Russia, Ukraine, or be autonomous. Both Ukraine and Russia promise to accept the result.

    4) Ukraine will not become a NATO member, but the world community promises that if, contrary to the referenda, Russia annexes more land, there will be an international coalition that will help Ukraine by all means.

    The crux of the matter is that if Russia rejects all this, they will be even more isolated internationally.
    If Russia accepts, the war would be over.

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