• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

This footage released by the 71st Separate Jager Brigade of the Air Assault Forces of Ukraine shows Ukrainian Paratroopers …


40 thoughts on “Ukrainian Paratroopers kill Russian forces with artillery near Bakhmut”
  1. I don't understand. The Sun will gladly show us men being cut down by artillery fire, but they pixelate their bodies afterwards. What kind of morality is that?

  2. Artillery is for vehicles and large formations. After the initial break up, you’re supposed to go take them down with bullets nuts continue wasting artillery shells. Ukraine better smarten up before the ammo stops coming in.

  3. Stop feeling sorry for Russian soldiers. They invaded an independent country. They kill civilians and have no mercy. They joined this war for money. No honor, no values. They get what they deserve. No greetings from Poland to those dogs of war.

  4. This is hard to watch, even though they are barbarians. Why don't they go home. They have the world's largest and most resource-rich country there.

  5. They may not want to be there or they may but the bottom line is they are invading a country and Ukraine knows the horrors of russian war crimes to those unfortunate enough to be found behind russian lines. They are fighting for survival and Russia deserves to be punished.

  6. I want to see Ukraine take the offense inside Russia. The best defense is a good offense in war. Put Russia on the defense to protect their homeland

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