• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian Rambo and friend defends his trench against Russian forces


Mar 12, 2023

Intense Go Pro footage from a Ukrainian solider and his friend defending their trench against Russian forces. This is not my …


22 thoughts on “Ukrainian Rambo and friend defends his trench against Russian forces”
  1. This is the reality of war. "War is Hell". I hope those 2 survived and life a prosperous, happy lifes.
    Edit: I think we can understand the fear of the person giving him ammunition. I don't judge him for being scared, but praise him to still keep his cool and help Chad there to keep the fight going.

  2. That is the definition of a Patriot, wielding a pkm with one hand!!! Holy Lord……..It must be a very different dynamic when you are actually protecting your homeland and not conducting a “special military operation” to oust Nazis in a sovereign country ruled by a Jew……

  3. I would not take sides for one of the two camps but I think the video would have been struck if we saw a Ukrainian being killed
    Double standarts

  4. I like how this channel gets promoted while those which post slightly pro-rus or at least more or less neutral content get censored… even though they post the same sht

  5. Don't know what the fuck that one guy was thinking just going for a walk on an active battlefield.
    What was his plan if he even made into a Ukrainian trench? Solo.
    I'm lucky that every time I did something stupid in combat no enemies noticed it.

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