• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

As Russia seeks to secure its first major win in the war in over half a year, Ukraine clings on to the Eastern city of Bakhmut.


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  1. Ukraine's unwavering commitment to defending their sovereignty and independence from Russian aggression is nothing short of inspiring. If Russia gains anything from their aggression, it will only lead to more conflict and suffering for Ukraine and other nations.

  2. The west journal making wrong decisions to ward ukraine please try to understand ukraine people and building were suffering a lot. Ukraine is destroyed at all no building it is going to flat.

  3. At the outset of the new year of the war, Putin made fresh moves. As anticipated, the conflict intensified across all fronts. At the same time, Russia persists in its methodical obliteration of cities. The whole south-eastern part of Ukraine now bears the look of a barren wasteland, with countless Ukrainian civilians caught in the crossfire. Soledar, Bakhmut, Vugledar, and other towns in the vicinity are gripped by constant anxiety.

  4. Congratulations Russia.. Russia must continue pounding and blasting them all day and night 24/7.. Dont give them a nap or sleep even for a second.. No letup Russia.. Move forward slowly but surely

  5. The Russians are ruthlessly destroying the Ukrainian people, raping, torturing, and killing people. How does it occur to anyone to suggest peace negotiations? I often see people in the comments who suggest them. This is complete nonsense. The Russians should just be exterminated.

  6. Russia is a terrorist country, and I don't understand people who still offer to negotiate with Putin. Have you ever seen what these bastards are doing to Ukrainians? It's true genocide! Putin doesn't even abide by the Geneva Convention and you still want to negotiate with him.

  7. A year later since the invasion was launched, it is obvious that putin is sick of his army being so useless, so he resorted to waging a war against civilian population of Ukraine. Funny to see russians blaming Ukraine for "terrorist attacks" while something like this happens. Whole towns and villages were destroyed to the point of them being inhabitable. Just a systematic destruction of anything and everything that russian army can reach. We need to help Ukrainians to repel these attacks launched by russian occupants and ultimately to win the war.

  8. everywhere Russia brings only death, hatred and destruction…
    It's time to stop these barbarians!
    It is not worth negotiating with terrorists, but we must continue the fight and achieve complete military defeat.

  9. We haven’t to stop our help. Ukraine needs in our support because Russia wants to totally destroy their country and culture. The next stage is Ukrainian liberation all their occupied cities.

  10. The Armed Forces were able to destroy one and a half hundred Russian tanks near Vuhledar within three weeks.
    The Ukrainians have kept the russian army tied up near Bakhmut for more than six months.
    So let's give Ukraine everything it needs to throw the rus army into the dustbin of history!

  11. Attempting is a choice word. This dude is wrong it’s a fact of conquering the city. I can’t believe what you all have tuned into. Report the truth not 1/2 truths.

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