• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Boris Johnson reacts to Putin's war in Ukraine


Mar 13, 2023

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the latest developments in the war between …


22 thoughts on “Boris Johnson reacts to Putin's war in Ukraine”
  1. May God bless England primister of England Boris Johnson Thank you for helping Ukraine Many Thanks I hope you are always healthy and good luck support President Zelenky and military pleas primister Boris Johnson pleas stand with Ukraine Sending Tanks for Ukraine I praying Stay Strong and safe thank you England from Canada kurdish I love you

  2. Why are CNN giving this privileged buffoon airtime? He is irrelevant and says and does anything to further his own agenda. This man is the embodiment of a grifter. The US should know all about this type.

  3. Wasn't so long ago he was hand in glove with the Russians going to parties taking money from Putin connected Oligarchs putting Putin connected X KGB in the house of Lords

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