• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Finally: The French Long-Range Howitzer Caesar Showed His Muscles In Ukraine | Russian Panic. Russian troops occupied …


27 thoughts on “Finally: The French Long-Range Howitzer Caesar Showed His Muscles In Ukraine | Russian Panic”
  1. since the 100 years war against the english were the french invented artillery, they remain the master of it ! the french artillery is probably the best according to me….AUF1, TRF1,CAESAR etc…just great

  2. The use of feet and pounds as measuring standards in this video is just irritating. The rest of the world is using the metric system for a reason. Get with it, Daily Aviation. Thumb down and unsubscribing.

  3. One again it is disapointing to click on a video with a specific title and discover that not one sigle information in the video is about de French Cesar Self propelled cannon. But indeet about an other older version . You should be a shamed to lure poeople in to watching your video on falls pretexts, even though i know it is komon on youtube nowadays

  4. France had the stones to sell these instead of just giving them to Ukraine, what a county. And it sounds like Ukraine had to do the digging to find out that France had them, what a country.

  5. According to the French press the TRF1 canons were sold to Ukraine by a private company called S2M Equipment. Its business is to buy old French army military equipment, recondition it and sell it.
    Of course, with the consent of the French government.

  6. The human species consist of a herd animal mentality, so also in the comments here, by-the-wat … the fascists from the WEF sect are panicking not the Russians … i am against all wars so against this one also …

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