• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The USA transferred a batch of the most modern towed 155 mm M777 Howitzers to Ukraine due to the lend-lease. How are they …


41 thoughts on “Finally! Ukraine Used An American M777 155mm Howitzers To Destroy Russia”
  1. Were giving Ukraine all these arms (free) and now were low on shells,ammo here for ower troops scranton sniffing joe has to stop this sht

  2. I support giving Ukraine all the latest weapons that work best in their war with Russia. Russia is just as bad as the Nazi’s in WWII and must be stopped to protect Freedom from Autocratic Governments like Putin’s.

  3. How can Putin think anything but MAJOR defeat…they have old tired inaccurate everything, from low tech weapons to stone age battle field tactics, and lack good training. Lest we forget lack of money for maintenance of ALL their flintstone "wind up" weaponry! Then add the massive sanctions for that extra good kick in "the boys". He should just wave the white flag before their 100% broke.

  4. We all need to send whatever we can to Ukraine because they are the bravest people I've ever seen and if we don't stop that nutter Putin he won't stop at Ukraine. Putin and Hitler are very similar. No one dares to say no to Putin out of fear.

  5. As a Ukrainian/Russian I can say it is Unfortunate that Ukraine has been over run with Nazi's and been corrupted by the US. Right now, Ukraine is fighting for the US and NATO to over take the Russians and remove its leadership.
    Do your research. Know your enemy!

  6. You can start by making your country where it’s not so corrupt your president and send an hour equipment back on his dime. I heard when they was over here they she had to spend 40 grand on clothes. Do you need to get rid of of your president?

  7. Russian loitering munitions have literally taken out dozens of these M-777 artillery pieces, ammunition storage depots, and US made counter battery radars.

  8. I'm for anything that shortens the war, saves civilian lives, and keeps the Russian bear from devouring her neighbors. Wish we hadn't thrown Afghanistan resources in the trash! We had a great airbase there I've heard that might have been of tactical use against the Chinese dragon (our most salient military threat).

  9. in case sb wonders wonders why they dont use Excalibur shells more often, since they have longer range and are much more accurate than a normal shell: One exacilibur shell costs around 70k, while a normal M777 shell is only around $800. also the part of the rocket engine is bs. it just has glider fins that open up at the top the ballistic arc, the shell then glides to its target.

  10. If you want to make sure a country loses the war just give them American weaponry. Overrated and overpriced, they did little to save the USA from suffering the worst humiliation in the history of warfare in Afghanistan. Having invaded the country like terrorists, the freedom fighters and patriots the Taliban who are peasants made the USA fight for 20 years and lose.

  11. YouTube is probably the most hypocritical of all media outlets. It allows and encourages the carnage of war and only shows Ukraine's side. It also lacks objectivity and is biased as it has banned Russia videos and videos showing Ukrainian losses.

  12. Artillery is the King of the battle field, Infantry the Queen.
    That is an actual saying, I have not heard that God of War one.

    Because it’s not accurate, Railgun in Space is the God of War.

  13. Congratulations! Thanks to your detailed descriptions, both of advantages and shortcomings of those new Howitzers, you've paved the road for Russian Intelligence to gain most of the information they needed! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (Pssst… On which side are you guys, really?)

  14. That didnt age well XD are there still any of the M777 alive in Ukra ? ^^
    and any artillery that is not mobile enouth, is only good against "3. world countires"
    The US never fought a war against one equal enemy in the last 70 years. ( or win any wars XD )
    And this shows the Flaws in their Doctrine.
    The M777 only helped the Russians to kill more Ukrainian troops…. bc each piece of artillery needs quite some crew in a relativly small area.

  15. om if you have 10 miles of battlefield between you and a target, if not, well its shit reigning death to innocents stuck between them who's crime was? not abandoning their lives to be looted and destroyed by others despite their leaders teaching them to be brave…

  16. And as the flow of black market weapons move into conflict zones around the world, this man talks about giving an unstable government weapons is a good idea

  17. this is unbelievable, the delivery of M777s to Ukraine is THE most significant event in this century. Russia was confident because Ukraine never had any advanced weapons like this…everything has changed now. I can't imagine the fear in the Russian ranks when they heard the news of M777 delivery, this is fear factor, a lot of them have refused to return to the battle, there is no hope for Russia now, they have already turned into defensive and the liberation of entire Ukraine should be complete in the next 3 weeks.

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