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Ukrainian drones drop bombs in battle brutal explodes russia troops in Bakhmut These Videos show a Ukrainian drone dropping …


14 thoughts on “Horrible Footage!! Ukrainian drones drop bombs in battle brutal explodes russia troops in Bakhmut”
  1. Here is where idiots will cheer because they have been conditioned by the Western media propaganda machine to believe a Russians are wrong. And the truth is the Russians have been wrong about very little while America has a history of compounded lies and evil. I am an American Patriot and I condemn America's actions because if America calls itself great because of principles like an open court America is a line hypocrite. Because America does not even allow Russia to have it say or china. So America is hypocritical in that just like all things. America also says a lot of things like the principles are important and Justice and truth and freedom are important in America does not allow freedom because you can't say what you want to say you can't even say things which are not dangerous like fire in a crowded movie theater I'm not talking about that I'm talking about America suppressant free speech. And Russia hasn't even had their day in court and neither has anyone else. America has been proven to be a liar and a genocidal Maniac throughout history. It has now been proven that not only did America lie about the Vietnam war and fire twice upon Vietnam before they defended themselves but America also committed war crimes in world war ii. And the Germans probably weren't anything like people are saying they are. They had concentration camps and America did too but America has found ways to stifle anybody they feel threatened by without having to have concentration camps. They have them there called jails. And America has all these documentaries where you can read and see watching about the Germans who didn't even have fuel or socks or food. So how much worse would there Prisoner suffer? It's common sense. They were not killing the Jews and trying to take them out in a mass suicide or kill off whatever you want to call it maybe they were I'm not that up on it but I don't trust america. That is how bad America is if there really was a maniac like they say Hitler was and if he was really trying to exterminate the entire group of people America is so much more evil than that could be that I don't even believe that now. And I think that would be sickening. But I have known people who were in Nazi Germany and they said there was not a bunch of gay bashing and they did not talk badly about blacks but they felt America was hypocritical. And even Jesse Owens said that Hitler did not stop him but his own president snubbed him. Hitler was greeting people and he wanted to greet Jesse Owens but his staff told him some things or something. And I remember talking to someone I dated whose mom grew up in the Nazi era of Germany and she said that that was in the news there and that sometimes they would take a quote or sentence or two from Hitler and that is one of the things he said which got out in the news that he wanted to meet the Great athlete and he wanted to get a vibe as to what made him special and they said that when he described Jesse Owens he was not derogatory in any way. So how is that for America's line machine? America is admittedly the capital leader of propaganda and lies. This has been admitted but now they close down on that and they try to stifle these documentaries which prove to you how evil America has been. And America lied about Vietnam yet America made three decades of Rambo and Chuck Norris propaganda films which are b***** and Russia was the good guy all along yet they painted Russia as the bad guy. Russia is also responsible for more than one time standing down when America would clearly have pushed us all the way to nuclear war. And I think it was cruise ship for someone in the Soviet Union who said they have to back down and be the bigger person cuz capitalist will kill the world off with a nuclear war. These people are more in tune and deeper and better people than our people are. And we had a war in Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time based upon lies. Only we keep wars for decades at a time. Russia had one or the Soviet Union had one with Afghanistan for about 10 years and I don't know what that was about so I can't say if they felt threatened or had a seemingly viable reason. I'm not totally a Russian fan but I definitely like him a lot more than I like my own country. And America talks about the Chinese doing genocidal stuff to Muslim uyghurs or whoever. But yet America has imprisoned men for marijuana and killed families off by the millions over decades. They also have imprisoned many men for child support and sometimes most of the child support sometimes the men were in prison and the courts refused to reduce their child support payments so the payments accrued and the men got felonies even if most of the arrears accrued while they were incarcerated. If you don't believe this look up on the Indiana department of corrections names such as Gary Cooper or Charles Gilliam senior. You can also type 80% of his second felony child support while he was in prison. And Charles Gilliam Sr was given 24 years for child support by South bend Indiana courts or St Joseph county courts. Gary Cooper was in Anderson Indiana where it's called Madison county. There are many men in that county who were given sentences for felonies for child support. And the men were not deadbeat. There are plenty of them who become deadbeats but they are beaten to death not uncaring fathers these are guys many times who were the main caretakers and very passionate and they just collapsed and fell apart because of the mental health issues and they didn't have coverage and even if many of them did most people aren't aware they have mental health problems. These men were so shaken up sometimes by their children being separated from them that they fail to be able to function. Yet these counties have imprisoned these men. Emmanuel Cox and Jeffrey Newt and Robert Cochran are three others in Madison county or Anderson Indiana whom have been placed in prison when they accrued a great deal of their arrears while incarcerated. A couple of these guys at least of the last three also had two felonies for child support and much of the arrears for the second one approved while they were incarcerated for the first one and or other jailings.
    YOU WANT TO CALL AMERICA GREAT?! This country is vastly evil. It is the only country you see where it is a knee-jerk reaction for a politician or anyone to just call it the greatest country in the world. That is spitting on the world and Putin was right. It's time the world put a boot up America's ass and I can't wait to see this country burn. God bless russia. Russia is the good guy.

    F*** AMERICA!

    America condemns and punishes people for doing the right thing like heroes like Bradley Manning and Julian assange and Edward snowden. And Russia gave a safe place for Edward snowden. And people of course started talking conspiracies and b***** about him working for the Russians ahead and that was not true I don't even know if this is true but I am assuming because it is easy to know how evil and bad and wrong and stupid and small-minded Americans are. Thank God the Russians recognized his nobility f*** you Americans can't wait to you all burn. Even if I have to burn with you in here in the middle of the heartland.

  2. Only ones who wanted war are politicians and their friends making money on it. Stop killing each other and bring war to your politicians homes and to homes of your local mafia. They are ones who deserve to live in fear as slaves.

  3. In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, Russian troops have destroyed: 386 aircraft, 210 helicopters, 3,213 unmanned aerial vehicles, 405 anti-aircraft missile systems, 7,979 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,037 multiple rocket launchers, 4,179 field artillery and mortars, as well as 8,494 units of special military vehicles.

  4. Якщо ви це бачите, всі Вагнера та всіх росіян повинні бути негайно усунені! Без шкода!
    Yakshcho vy tse bachyte, vsi Vahnera ta vsikh rosiyan povynni buty nehayno usuneni! Bez shkoda

  5. nothing horrible about seeing Russian ogres getting their collective untrained asses handed to them by a very professional well trained, well equipped army, you would think Ivan would learn from this but yet hes still out there making fools of themselves as well as their country

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