• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Putin admits to military "losses" as fighting rages in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged military losses in Ukraine, as a series of drone strikes hit inside Russia, …


21 thoughts on “Putin admits to military "losses" as fighting rages in Ukraine”
  1. Russia military used to be known as the best military in the world before they invaded Ukraine. But it's really a joke (their military, not the war) equipment is outdated and useless,etc. They can't even beat a country half the size of Russia. GO UKRAINE

  2. People should listen to President Putin address to his nation. You will find there are millions of American who will relate to the kind of Country Russia is striving to be. There are so many Americans who share a vision with average Russians about what their country should look like, what should be valued and supported by your government! You can listen to Putin on DW a German news network. Give it a listen and you will relate to how normal Russians believe in God, country, faith and family!

  3. wouldn't be so much war if country's would stop worrying about the power hungry trip they are on and wanting to take people money and resources all it is is a big fucking conquest to have it all when u really look at war its all its about and all it will ever be about sacrifice your youth go serve die so u can make your government rich so in another 30 40 50 plus years ur in another war for the same reason that or your sending ur son daughter to their death for nothing

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