• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Single Ukraine Soldier Takes on Entire Russian Squad-Trench Warfare!

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34 thoughts on “Single Ukraine Soldier Takes on Entire Russian Squad-Trench Warfare!”
  1. Did you know trench warfare may have been 1st used by Maori in new zealsnd against british forces during the late 1800s…after the New Zealand wars the British military included this (trench warfare) in their military schools…it is embedded in nz history and also has a lot of google and you tube information.

  2. I pity the fools, who still believe these CGI bullshit videos, cause everyone should be aware, at least by now, after all the pathetic posing, destroying old military equipment and machinery.

  3. this guy is pushing so much western Propaganda it's unreal, Russian soldiers are human as well, give them as much respect as you do the Ukrainians it's Slovak vs Slovak.

  4. Man, that’s hard. What we’re seeing here is equivalent to a posthumous Medal of Honor action in my opinion. Brave. May he Rest In Peace. It sucks these DPR guys who probably weren’t alive or at least have no memory of the Soviet Union are with Russia. Ukrainian history tells how that land was of the Kyivan Rus and the Cossacks after (both Ukrainian). Not Russian. Kyiv is hundreds of years older than Moscow. Russia was just a land of a thousand ethnicities when Ukraine was united 1,100 years ago! And, the best of the Soviet Union pertaining to economics and military were the Ukrainians; the USSR’s backbone.

  5. Вот бы видео посмотреть где 40 рчвк вырезали все окопы ножами ночью?(его как бы нет,но оно есть),а это херня какая то!не то вы черти смотрите!

  6. "separatists fighters may not be as well equipped"
    Tanks T-80 and T-90, multiple launch rocket systems Grad and others, heavy cannon artillery, an endless amount of ammunition and equipment that didn't end in EIGHT years of war.
    Not so well equipped. Yeah.

  7. What gets me about the censorship is that they're ok with police channels showing shooting deaths caused by police but they wont allow the slightest bit of warfare with a neutral eye etc, I'm NOT saying we want to see the dead etc but it shouldnt be one rule for one and another for others. I know what I'm trying to say but I'm not sure if it's coming across in the right way. I'm not great at wording things correctly. I'm just glad even some of this can be shown so that the citizens of Russia using vpns cannot be blinded by false propaganda forced upon them by the German guy who's name is refuse to type Part 2! (I also refuse to use the cowards name who started all this, I compare him to the other guy as they're much the same!)

  8. so sad imagine they only reach ages like 20 or 23 and than die because of war…these scenes humbles me down we should always try to find solutions for peace without any lives lost.

  9. Chances are, that the Ukrainian soldier who stayed behind, might have told the soldier who allegedly 'dipped', to go, because they were facing very uneven odds. In that sense, the life of the 'dipping' soldier was spared, so he could continue fighting later on.

    Additional points for using OpenOffice Impress at 7:07, if you like its more classic UI better than that of LibreOffice. I must add, though, that LibreOffice has greater compatibility with Microsoft Office files.

  10. The title is so stupid. You may as well title a bank robbery video "Police proceeds cautiously with bullet-proof vests, even though they outnumber the armed robbers 20:1".

  11. No ,Ukraine is puppet nazi state funded by americans. lets the truth be victorious. also i dont see that dude taking on anyone , he is holding on dear life. ur judgment and choice of words in the title is strange. but whatever guys. lets see who is riht and who is wrong. war will show

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