• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

This footage released by the SBU reportedly shows Ukrainian Special Forces destroying 6 Russian tanks within one night near …


20 thoughts on “Ukrainain SBU Special Forces destroys 6 Russian tanks in one night in Luhansk region”
  1. Russian tanks can be taken out with hand grenades. Their airforce is grounded, in case no one noticed. They are down to rocks and shovels, and we havent even begun using nukes on them yet, which we will.

  2. Unless those tanks are abandoned or already damaged don’t forget there are people in those tanks. They’re just doing what they were ordered to do however wrong it is they were still order to do it.

    Ukraine will win this war with the help of NATO if not then we were all die in a nuclear holocaust

  3. Я хочу, щоб українці захищали країну від російських злочинців і монстрів, тому на нас 90 боснійців напали серби, тому що серби і росіяни одне і те ж лайно. Ми, босняки, мусульмани разом з українцями, які захищають свою країну, а тепер серби підтримують Росію. вбивати українців і чинити геноцид проти вашого народу.навіть серби віддали наказ путіну бо він напав на вашу країну.ІсАллах хай захищає вашу країну від монстрів з росії і вас підтримують боснійці.

  4. Forget it, everything is done, the "Wagner" fighters have almost closed the ring around Bakhmut. Powerful and cool "Wagners"! About 5,000 Banderites, trapped in this powerful fortified area, will either be killed or surrender, as the "Azov" battalion members did at Azovstal. But don't count on surrender, Friends! If the fascists of the Ukrainian regime do not surrender before the battle, then they are usually destroyed. Ask the Wagner fighters. More than 2,500 ukro gunmen came out of catacombs of Azovstal and surrendered to the Russians. The catch brought more than 1,000 "Azov" members. Ukrainian cowards, who shouted a lot on TikTok and on Instagram, decided not to fight to the "end". What a laugh!

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