• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ukraine War, Russian Soldier storming Ukrainian trench takes out its defenders, Close combat POV


Mar 13, 2023
25 thoughts on “Ukraine War, Russian Soldier storming Ukrainian trench takes out its defenders, Close combat POV”
  1. The soldier on the left was definitely surrendering, but the soldier on the right look like he was getting ready to grip and pull the trigger, but he was too slow.

  2. He didnt kill them randomly they knew they were in a bad position so they distracted him to shoot him ,also he was planning to capture them not kill them

  3. I like how thoughtful this comment section is, usually they are super pro Ukrainian or pro Russian not understanding what war truly is and both cause just the same damage to each other (although Russia has done worse than Ukraine because they are the ones attacking)

  4. He wanted leave Ukrainians alive. It is their stupid choice. And their fault.
    So, say smthn, say that Russians are like Germans in ww2 or some bulsht like that

  5. The Russian …shouted n pleaded SURRENDER,,,HANDS UP.. but they were too slow n stupidly wasted their lives ,, BRAVE BUT DEAD NOW…THEY COULD OF BEEN HAVING HOT SOUP NOW ..N LIVED

  6. You are in a war, and you see man with a gun pointed at you trying to take your rifle, it cannot be more clear than that, and you don't want to give away your rifle. I feel sorry for the young guy since he held his arms up, but I also understand the Russian soldier, in that moment you cant know is he gonna jump you, try to hold onto your rifle or something. War is a fucking shithole.

  7. I don’t see surrounding looks like the guy on the left was making a gesture to wrestle for the gun, even attempting to get on both feet. Sad but why wouldn’t he just stay low and not moved so he could be disarmed!

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