• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery wipe out 20 Russian soldiers hiding out in Soledar. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest …


31 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery wipe out 20 Russian soldiers hiding out in Soledar”
  1. Jesus, those Russians are just running, panicked, from rat hole to rat hole, trying to avoid getting blown up—-it's a beautiful thing to see. How can the Russians take such abuse and cruelty from their own government? Putin is sending its' OWN people to HELL, and they never think to stand up to that, they prefer hell, I guess. Just crazy.

  2. NATO's survival is now on the line. When, not if Russia takes Ukraine. Why would anyone ever want to be a member of NATO. The full might of NATO, Europe, UK, Canada & US has poured billions of dollars into Ukraine to arm their proxy war with Russia. The result. Russia is kicking ass and taking names. This war is over. Unless of course NATO in a "sore loser" desperate attempt to win. Flips over the table and goes nuclear. But even then, Russia wins.

  3. Slava Ukraine from Brazil. I don't want anyone die, not Ukranians, not russians. But the people always pay for the greed and madness of his dictators.
    So, unfortunatelly, russians will pay for their agression. I hope this war end fast and Ukraine remain a free country and Putin go to hell.

  4. The newest development is discussions on long range weapons for Ukraine. The world is sick of Russian terrorism & is about to act with an iron fist. Putin was given a year to retreat & now he will be captured for terrorism & war crimes instead.

  5. Humanity will never learn. Earth would be a paradise if only humans would use the same energy and imagination to kill each other in wars to do good instead. . A so-called intelligent species that institute killing at an industrial level could only lead to extinction.

  6. Although it's a terrible tactic, grouping together when under artillery fire, it must be human nature, or Russian nature. Because I've seen so many videos of Russian troops under fire from artillery or drone strikes & they just run towards one & other when the best thing to do is separate. I guess that's bound to happen, however, when you just drag people from their lives, don't give them any meaningful training & put them in a war. Russia in the year 2023, Ladies & Gentlemen.

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