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What Ukraine Will Do After the War #war #ukraine #zelensky


Mar 13, 2023
21 thoughts on “What Ukraine Will Do After the War #war #ukraine #zelensky”
  1. Every aid we sent to Ukraine is part of the Lend-Lease Act agreement signed by the US and Ukraine. Since Russia took almost all Ukraine’s resources and there’s no way Ukraine can pay their debt… Ukraine will most likely end up a playground for NATO and Russia.

  2. But the truth behind is :
    The U.S. holds NATO hostage and says, "We'll provide weapons for as long as Ukraine fights, until Ukraine fights to the last few men" (and then we'll take over Ukraine).

    Zelensky finally said, "Americans will have to send their children to the battlefield to die!!! Not just weapons, we are human beings too, we are human beings too, … …."

    The United States has too much leverage in the hands of Zelensky:

    Many U.S. officials and their children have investments and interests in Ukraine;

    The U.S. biological laboratory in Ukraine; the U.S.-Ukraine arms dealers' interest community; bombing Beixi; bombing Poland; … … …

  3. Ukraine was living on IMF loans before the war… so what makes you think that it will ever recover?

    Even the Baltic states that are in EU forever are bankrupt.

  4. Russia will win and get rid of the evil of jews and gays and make all military Russia power and turn Ukraine into 1 whole military base then you will see what happens

  5. If they push Russians out maybe they will spend the time after the war radiating. From all the nuclear bombs Russia drops on them when they realise they are losing.

  6. The only future for Zelensky is if he surrender unconditionally and demand asylum to Russia, because he can be sure that he's going to be "suicided" by the US if he take refuge anywhere in the West after complete defeat.
    There is not a chance, not even one out of a million Ukraine will defeat Russia, even if the US was to send a million soldiers in Ukraine.

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