• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Why Ukraine's Artillery is So Effective vs. Russia (FNN 34)

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26 thoughts on “Why Ukraine's Artillery is So Effective vs. Russia (FNN 34)”
  1. Most of Ukrainians lived below the powerty line, now they're left in the crossfire between NATO and Russians while the rich people left the country. Europe is flooded with Ukrainian refugees I look at them and wonder who the hell is fighting over there? I remember not so long ago it was hard for them to leave their country because no embassy would issue them a visa I don't know how they changed their minds all of a sudden…

  2. Used to work in numerous capacities for artillery battalions, lot of people rotated out to that region and i can only assume the locals picked up some good skills from some people. ArcGIS is always cool and a lovely geoint tool. Good shit <3 love to see good splashing

  3. I was a Fire Direction Officer for an artillery battery in the central highlands of Vietnam for 3 months. We had to have rounds down range within 3 minutes of getting a coordinate.

  4. "ArcGIS" is (also?) the name of a Geographic Information System system from a company called Esri.
    I had a friend who was an administrator on a system used by a large forestry company. I wonder if the Ukraine system is using the same software … It could be.
    Ukraine had since 2014 to plan for the next war they have been expecting since Crimea. It gave them time map the country and load the info into GIS. Now, gun units can be sent to specific locations, or they can report the location they have set up in. When target co-ordinates are entered into the system they could easily find guns in range. It fits …

  5. American liberal military BS. We have regressed and our politicians don’t don’t know how to put big boy pants on anymore. They all wear diapers and hide behind red tape and make it impossible to win an ACTUAL war!!!

  6. Your experience doesn't give you the right picture for US Artillery. I shot a ton of rounds in Vietnam with NO automation at all, just charts and darts and got rounds down range is 30 seconds, quicker if it was "troops in contact". The lawyer connection is forced upon the system. BTW Tacfire was withdrawn from service in 1994, perhaps before you were born.

  7. Officially, the US denies having any military men in Ukraine, but I can't help but wonder if the US has special ops doing intelligence missions in Ukraine or maybe on the Soviet side of the border?

  8. Wow. I truly do not know what I don't know. Question; How are these Artillery Guns able to strike targets that are out of line of site and so small ? V.

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