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Divisions over Ukraine war mar G20 talks – BBC News


Mar 14, 2023 , ,

Divisions over Russia’s war in Ukraine have dominated G20 talks between nations – with no joint statement as a result. The US …


22 thoughts on “Divisions over Ukraine war mar G20 talks – BBC News”
  1. If the West sends Ukraine unlimited fire power and Putin begins to lose the war would he use nuclear weapons? If the answer is yes then who wins in that scenario? There will be automated mutual destruction. I think someone had better start talking or we will be wasting our time. Unless like the important people you have a three bed bunker.

  2. the uk is the the only country in the world that you go to prison or £2000 fine if you watch tv without first paying into the bbc's coffers(tv licence) there are more politician's in the bbc than in the British parliament & parliament is full of ex bbc employees, my advice to anybody ,don't take for granted anything the bbc says they are about impartial as my left ballock to my right ballock

  3. USA is not protecting democracy, they are protecting the US$, with democracy, they can divide and conquer. This is supported by the western medias and all the lackeys

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