• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Border guards stop Russians’ attempt to break through to Bakhmut. Several groups of Russian infantry tried to bypass a …


30 thoughts on “HORRIBLE!! Ukraine troops intercept and destroyed 32 army Russian Wagner Group in Bakhmut”
  1. So many combined videos in one and no one with real footage of that combat w 32 russians killed. So, i should trust only those text in header. Cheapest propaganda ever

  2. What do you gain from faking these type of videos with these ridiculous thumbnails and titles? Do you find it funny making clicks off of real people dying? Since you guys love war so much lets see what you do when war comes to the us which definitly will at some point

  3. It's much better when you watch it on mute … When you research these "facts" it's just … Not there and the footage doesn't line up with the monologue….. Again just watch it muted

  4. Warriors should sometimes think about something else than war…..warriors that think only about war……can be easily defeated. A warrior that has love in his heart……has POWER

  5. I am Ukrainian; I was born in Ukraine; Both parents born in Ukraine.

    The Deep state of the United states started this war by deliberately provoking Russia into preemptively attacking Ukraine.

    The united states used Ukraine and its people as cannon fodder so shareholders could have a pretext to make profit from the military industrial complex

    The united states is telling ukraine that they can win which the united states always knew there was no chance of that happening

    If mexico and chine had military alliance and china put military bases on the mexican-american border, the united states would take decisive action to eliminate that threat by killing many mexican civilians and military personnel in the process. But if the united states does the same thing in ukraine to russia, now there’s a problem

  6. this is what the kremlin is doing they wanted Russia and Ukraine to fight each other just so they can stay rich and hide under their desks and don't even care about soldiers or their safety

  7. From free syria and free syrian army slavia ukranie the Ukrainian people are a peaceful and brave people and the stupid Putin came and teased this lion The ukrainians will be victorious over the Russian occupiers and their chechen dogs who claim to be Muslims and are just mercenaries of the criminal Kadyrov

  8. Ukraine just got their azzez handed to them in Artemivsk.
    Pretty embarrassing that a contractor beat them, didn't even need regulars

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