• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Intense FACE TO FACE Trench Combat | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

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43 thoughts on “Intense FACE TO FACE Trench Combat | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. The war is going on because the West has decided not to deal honestly with Russia. Impose sanctions on ridiculous political pretexts and do not comply with the terms of the World Trade Organization agreement. Arrest and embezzle Russian money without trial. The war is going on because the government of Ukraine, 9 years ago, wanted to get rid of the Russians, despite the fact that the entire east and south of Ukraine are Russian lands, annexed to Ukraine under the USSR. Maybe you think that this can be done with the Germans, Libyans or Serbs, but it will not work with the Russians, Russia will not allow it. We will tear the anus to the fascist cross for the whole world. This is a war for the independence of Russia from Western thieves and swindlers.

  2. The support asked for just weighs in with it's whole …like no wonder the level of destruction in cities is just un called for ….shoot ,shoot and shoot some more, surely their must be a coordinated 'eyes on ' before firing such a volley ….

  3. In the trench, the ukranian lands shots at the russian in the original videos. It seems like it made no effect(armor maybe), after this he charged to meet his end, so sad!.

  4. The lack of air cover on both sides just goes to show that its to risky for planes to be flying. Normally when you see footage in Syria etc the Russians have air cover and air assaults by the dozen.
    Changed times here, very few planes seem to be about.

  5. I saw the original footage of the trench fight. The ukranian guy got a whole mag in him point blank. His helmet flew off and most of the rounds the russian fires in his head . That was one of the most brutal i saw since the war. Pure luck for the russian and unluck for the ukranian since he has the upper hand. Horrifying

  6. Great edit as always Sean! Looks like a little more footage is coming out here lately so should be plenty of content. Just waiting on some Abrams and Leopard 2's Ukraine footage, that should be pretty wild lol.

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