• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Part of a Russian military vehicle was seen spiraling into the air after being targeted by Ukrainian artillery in Donetsk Oblast, …


29 thoughts on “Russian armoured vehicle EXPLODES after being hit by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk”
  1. Apparently, Russians haven't learned that ukrainian's have more anti tank missiles than Russians have tanks. That's OK, they'll find out soon enough.

  2. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see the Russians daily failing, reaching any objective on the Ukrainian battlefield. If you don't want to get killed don't invade another country!

  3. It's pleasure and fun to realize ruzzian bots understand that outside ruzziia people are not braindead like ruzzians, but they have keep trying to earn some tokens.

  4. 0:07 IFV turrets are so light this one almost flew off-screen.
    This was of course not a Russian attack, just a training exercise, so the few toughened survivors could be killed later in the real attack operating on the same ground using the same tactics and types of vehicles at the same time the next day.

  5. Was all that just artillery fire?? The first one looks like it hit a mine. The last two tanks look like they came under artillery fire, multiple explosions at the same time. I don’t understand how artillery could be that accurate!?! Even with a forward spotter, trying to hit a moving target, especially specially at large distances. How far can these things shoot? (10 + 20km?)

  6. lets say 3000 tanks from russia have been blown up, and lets say 3 man crew to 4 assortent tanks they lost.. thats about 10000 tank crew had their tank blown up.. and as its russian tanks and made like a trap for crews, lets say 85% of that crew died… .thats many dead orks… and this is not counting all their apc with hell of a lot more people inside, but there again higher survival rate when they hit i guess. Also got to think about this is a not a good country to fight with tanks,.. no place to hide the tank in these flat open fields of mud… very god place for anti tank hand held systems dough.

  7. do they see the explosions in front of them? they just keep driving into the explosions. perhaps they've dealt with their fate, ''I'm going to die anyway'' and have taken to ruining rasPUTIN's war for Russia. When the Attacking Army commits suicide. hmmmmmm

  8. They were hit straight by two Ukrainian tanks. You could see One at the down left corner of the monitor, and second in the middle of the bushes

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