• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ukraine launches Polish howitzers in the east fighting Russian troops. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest breaking news …


16 thoughts on “Ukraine launches Polish howitzers in the east fighting Russian troops”
  1. If you ever undermine polish courage and commitment to protect and support weak and people of need learn about French war in Haiti where polish troops were send to fight against uprising… when poles realised that they were fighting against people fighting for they own freedom they have changed sides and joined them…

  2. Yeah.. While we disarm ourselves and became completly unarmed in face of the time of war. Hear this: Polish government is, and have been throughout last centuries, bought by foreign countries (Russian, Anglosaxons, Germans) to do the job for them and pay the price for their imperial politics. No different now. Poland is paying for the US/UK/Anglosaxons politics in the region and will pay highest price for that soon. Polish government is completly mindless and they will be first to leave the country in face of war that is coming to Poland due to their stupid, mindless, agressive one vector politics.

  3. Analytics is a stubborn thing, and mathematics in the form of numbers can speak for itself. And now attention:
    “380 downed aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a destroyed air army, and most likely even one and a half, 204 helicopters is another air army. 7537 tanks and AFVs – two tank armies and five combined arms armies. 983 MLRS – shock army. 401 SAM – Air Defense Army. 3841 guns – four artillery armies. 8066 vehicles – eight armies. Russia laid down TWENTY-THREE enemy armies in a year! And this is FOUR fronts! Well, or FOUR army groups of the Wehrmacht. Or the ALL modern NATO grouping in Europe. And without millions of own losses of the RF Armed Forces. The result even surpasses the times of the Second World War and all other wars! Any state in the world would have already been defeated, though without the collective help of the West and their henchmen.
    This, by the way, is an answer to talkers and a reason for the enemy and the NATO bloc, which specifically opposes Russia, to start feverish actions to pump up the ukroreich with weapons, including already heavy offensive ones. Does anyone doubt the effectiveness and combat power of the RF Armed Forces (excluding the nuclear triad)? Apparently, only stupid and rabid Ukronazis and their followers. According to the latest data, and this is not Russian data, let me tell you, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine exceeded 232,000 killed. The Stratfor Forecasting agency generally stated that Ukraine's losses exceeded 305,000 killed. The number of the wounded cannot be counted, because medicine in Ukraine has long since "lain down" after such an influx of the wounded and crippled, and Europe, represented by dozens of hospitals, has taken over the treatment and recovery of the wounded Ukrainians. Hundreds of people a day are secretly delivered there by sanitary aircraft. With what now in Europe there are no problems, so it is with donor organs. According to rumors, queues for transplants in specialized private clinics have advanced by 55-60 percent. Never before have European transplantologists had such a profit, because organs are delivered to clinics uninterruptedly and at dumping prices, the process is going on as if on a conveyor belt.
    European doctors gleefully rub their hands. Still, this has never happened, but there are unlimited resources.
    The war must continue until the last Ukrainian! This is the sacred desire of all Europe and Ukraine itself!

  4. If you take Poland as ally, you would be shure it will do their allied job even at the cost own its own everything, people, land, economy etc. Warsaw uprising wich had to prevent soviet from taking Warsaw and later whole Poland into russian clutches – made a very good job for a soviets, because bleeded out Germans enough, that they had withdraw west, destroyed Warsaw to the ground (at that time one of the greatest European urbanistic complexes along with Paris, Rome, Breslau, Amsterdam, Prague or… eh lets say that – Leningrad), and later were great usage for communist propaganada against Germans, polish riots, and for greatness of rebuilding socialist capital with brother soviets help.

    Before that we had November and Kościuszko uprisings, both in time of revolutions in France to wich all neighbours wanted to crush (I mean mainly common, and closest enemies like Prussia and Austria, wich always choose to put down Poles rather than French, because for first they were evidently weaker than France and they had third bully to join – Russia, wich is unfeatable in conquer, cruel, domination etc.

    Poland is a Jon Snow of nations, often don't liked, send to a backwards and wall of Europe, on wich really lot is depend on, but who until mid of XVII th century rises up, to later bend a knee, and who is usually needed to safe others at great own cost, who hasn't much of sources of Westeros, but still held its own and help others…
    I think Ukraine is some kind of Tormund, he is even before wall to defend. It was not once an enemy and not once an ally of Jon, it saved him seweral times, and had been saved by Jon. They're a very, very strange brothers who almost since beginning had a common threat wich force them to unite – a great, great ice, cold, darkness and army of already death people who can only destroy.

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