• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

There has been a steady increase in Ukraine using UJ-22 armed drones to attack targets deep inside Russia. The latest drone …


39 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Kyiv uses drones to strike inside Russia”
  1. The world shouldn't expect Ukraine to just take what it gets from its generous Allies alone. They have to try to acquire weapons of their own, too. Trying as they may to see what weapons they can use to get an edge over on Russia. Anything less is unthinkable.

  2. So, to summarize. Ukraine used a drone traveling double the speed of a semi truck going up hill, missed its target, did zero damage and somewhow they did this purposefully to boost the moral of the ukrainian people?

  3. It’s absolutely crazy how the far left wing media seem to drool over the killing of certain people who at the end of the day are just human. Shows how evil the far left wing media are.

  4. So Ukraine is no longer defending its borders but attacking Russia in Russia.
    This is being portrayed as a good thing?
    Propaganda here is insane.
    Get them round a table and talk peace ffs.

  5. Бажаю вам українські герої перемоги. Мені прикро, що уряд Ірану допомагає російським агресорам. Мохаммад з Ірану

  6. Why not use RC jet engines for power, improves weight to thrust ratio increasing payload and ensuring a better chance to avoid shoot down because of added speed and newer stealth designs (radar cross section improvements) … these prop jobs are painfully slow, noisy and not very efficient.

  7. It was reported that Zelensky owns a Floridian home worth 35 million dollars ,1.2 Billions in overseas Bank account, own 15 homes,3 planes and has a monthly income of 11 million as we penny pinch to try to pay our bills

  8. The Russian-ukranian war is just a game controlled by Freemasons from both sides…. they're fighting for the position of world leadership. But relax and take it easy,USA will will more power and defeat both China and Russia. However there will an obstacle ahead towards leading the world , it's Taliban,.why Taliban?because Taliban are the only government in the world that will never ever accept the USA laws no matter what…bear in mind that Taliban defeated around 34 armies in the last 40 years

  9. Ukraine can only win this war if given enough firepower from air and land to defend and protect their country. Just enough is not enough.

  10. Ukraine is gonna be broke cause they are gonna have to pay back everybody and also fix their infinstructure but Russia will be effected worse as their gonna probably get millions leaving the country because the Russian economy is going to be ruined and Russia after the war will be like the east side of the berlin wall.

  11. We expect that Russia will completely flatten Ukraine as a whole with Nuclear weapons… and in the process Poland will be dragged into the war and be destroyed as well.

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