• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

DRAMATIC moment Ukrainian artillery blow up multiple Russian rocket launcher vehicles. The footage, which appears to have …


31 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery blow up multiple Russian rocket launchers”
  1. I think the rest of the world would be OK with Ukraine aiming every kind of rocket they have or have been given, ….at the Kremlin and then every Russian palace and famous architecture landmark.


  2. in Russia they have forgotten how to think, they consider themselves smarter than everyone and their army is stronger than everyone else, they never comply with the laws. With their missiles, the Sarmats threaten to destroy Britain, they threaten to seize Sweden, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries. I didn't live there for a year. The country was turned into a hotbed of Nazism

  3. Ukraine should not only defend its territory and repair the destruction, but also launch missiles and drone strikes on Russian soil and installations. Putin is now an insane, arrogant, tyrannical and cold-headed leader who kills innocent people.

  4. Слава России! Нет нацизму! Мы победим! Вы как шакалы прячитесь за мирных! Вас ненавидит свой же народ! Одумайтесь, сложите оружие. Для самых тупых – посмотрите фильм "Солнцепек"

  5. I am beginning to suspect there is something wrong with the British weapons delivered to Ukraine, the reason is that it appears the more Ukraine uses them to "destroy" the Russians, the more land, towns, cities, infrastructures, military assets, railroads, industries, etc, Ukraine looses to the Russians. I mean, it is starting to sounds to the English cars, those were the real "fit-it-again-Nigel". I don't know, perhaps you the Brits should just take a step back and go on vacation or to a pub and get drunk, or something. So much "British ingenuity" is costing Ukraine its country.

  6. It's amazing how Ukraine loses some territory with every victory like that. Now more than 20% is lost. Based on these videos one might think Ukraine is winning. Perhaps they should slow down a bit before losing the whole country.

  7. I wonder why we never see clips of Russian artillery blowing up multiple Ukrainian launcher vehicles, which according to my Ukrainian friends fighting the Russians is also happening? Presentations always seem to be rather one-way. Strange. Or is this simply subtle propaganda? He told me in one attack nearly 2 weeks ago, most of his unit was wiped out by one Russian rocket that landed in the middle and he is now in hospital with shrapnel wounds to both legs.

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