• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UKRAINIAN artillery wipes out camouflaged Russian tanks on the battlefield. This footage has not yet been verified and the …


35 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery wipes out camouflaged Russian tanks on the battlefield”
  1. More condalance syrian people in presedeant bashar al asadd wielu polakow z wami przykro wladze nie chciala wam pomagac za chetnia pomagala jahadzistem np Donald Tusk …

  2. Amazing!!!! The M777 fired the shells in one season and the shell finally hit its target in another season altogether!!! Great work Sun!!!

  3. Назад в будущее 🙂 пушка из осени поражает танк зимой, или она настолько дальнобольная, что попадает за 500 километров в цель

  4. OMG I feel so sorry for those poor Russian boys.. Na just kidding … Fry Fry you Russian knuckle dragging savages.. It feel so good knowing that there Families will never know what happen to them or even find their rotting corpse. Every Russian Soldier Knows what there fighting for .. They know it's not just , they know of the war crimes being committed. Yet they stay..They Continue to kill and destroy everything they see.. So I say F$ck then ..

  5. This is ALL smoke and mirrors, every single solitary thing happening in this world is ALL planned and pre planned by the world leaders. This is ALL for the New World Order.

  6. Amazing how pathetic the Russian military is ,apart from parades that is, maybe they should of stuck with them and kept the charade going . Now they have shown the world and totally humiliated themselves . Why don’t they just go home and call a day????

  7. Всех учасников как и съемщиков на бутылку наденут(( Те что лайки ставили просто закинут в печь(( Это сука не Я придумал это УЖЕ было раз много((

  8. Such a biased news network! Lol how are you promoting the ukranians as heros. When in reality they are just terrorists armed by the west? Such a peacefully community (christianity terrorists) spreading its peace everywhere

  9. The United States is so frightened by Russia they will not admit to blowing up the Nordstrom 2 Pipeline. It gives the unabashed and pathetic appearance of cowardice and craven ineptitude. Who among you can challenge effectively what I say….None.

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