• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Help this squad to buy two PVS-14 night vision goggles: Helmet cam …


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian MG3 Team Engages Russian Positions In Kherson | Helmet Cam”
  1. Who is he engaging while sitting behind a tin wall? Hardly a defensive position. This is why Ukraine will be asking for more aid and more weapons again, soon, and western politicians will give it to them as China readies itself to fight against the US. We are sending all of our weapons to another country while China waits for the moment to strike. China and Russia are united in pushing American influence out of Europe. We are in a world war, this will progress and be used to depopulate and force a one world government. The WEF and China have already told us this is how they plan to change society.

  2. Is the MG3 a slower firing weapon than the MG42?

    Ive heard several MG42s in full auto and the sound is like a zip being pulled up.
    It's one continuous noise, and far faster firing than this gun.

  3. excellent machine gun, the mainstay of German squad tactics in ww2, I think the Ukrainians have a while to go to reach that skill level

  4. The mg3, what a great LMG. Lmgs are perfect for suppression and devastating should you be hit by some of the many tipped rounds you can put in them. The Ukraine is certainly giving Russia a hard time, especially since the drone is now heavily used in all combat in most countries. Also a lot of ex military have joined the force to give that extra edge, and the equipment we and other countries are supplying them. The "big bear" isn't so big now, they chewed off way more than they could handle, and i bet Putin is not so confident to the end game. But obviously they've used dirty weapons before and will again, and that's the scary part because unfortunately Putin is just an insane man with a huge chip on his shoulders. He needs to be humbled and put in his place, preferably prison.

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