• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

This footage shows Ukrainian Special Forces destroying a large convoy of Russian military vehicles with Multiple Launch Rocket …


17 thoughts on “Ukrainian Special Forces DESTROY a whole column of Russian armoured vehicles with MLRS missiles”
  1. русские никогда не могли воевать, за них воевали республики где живут нерусские но своей ненавистью к ним теперь им никто нехочет помогать даже республики внутри страны.

  2. The world's strongest military was unceremoniously kicked out of Afghanistan. Now the second strongest is being humiliated by another smaller army.

  3. Another military exercise. Very strange how the seasons have changed to summer/autumn considering its only just gone into March
    …more propaganda

  4. So sad that people give up there lives for this crazy Putin. He is destroying families for what? He should put all the money for education, infra structure and healthcare. Being admired from fear is not the thing you want to acheive…

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen this is just a GUN (artillery) Named the Excalibur,its not the drone,its what the UNITED STATES of AMERICA'S citizens ALLOWED them to have,It has never been used in war until now,WE never needed it,its literally the least of our military might,3 times our national budget since the end of WW2 was not spent on military tech.For no reason,Regardless of what we think,the Military is unbelievable and NOBODY stands a chance

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