• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian troops fire thousands of explosive rounds at Russian targets every day, using high-tech cannon supplied by the United …


10 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops fired thousands of M777 Howitzer rounds which destroyed hundreds of Russian tanks”
  1. I think these howitzers are next to ammunition factory because they have fired thousands of rounds. The factory must be producing it and freshly the Ukranian are using it

  2. Using ammunition like shells & cartridges covered in mud will drastically reduce the life of the barrels of the guns as it acts as an abrasive on the metal & causes friction which heats up the metal so much quicker, put a sheet down first

  3. Proper Maintenence is what keeps the guns accurate which saves Wear and Tear. Videos of the Ukrainian Gunners confirm that 'When they were new it took 1 or 2 rounds to hit the target but now it takes 2 or 3'. Compare that with the Ruzzian 'Terror Strategy' where they shoot hundreds of rounds with almost no accuracy. They shoot the guns until the barrels burst.
    Everything wears and need repairs especially when shooting long range maximum loads. There is more to it than just replacing the barrel to keep guns on target. The US Excells at keeping equipment in top shape.

  4. This war is just another prove, of how corrupted our WEST governs, have become . None of them tries to end it. Instead, they keep the stale mate to cover their failed policies on economy and society, also this war helps a lot installing tyranny over all WEST. Our foot is in the edge of the abyss!

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