• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Note: He survived this combat, here is the link to a video of “callsign Predator”: More Fottage here: …


14 thoughts on “18+NSFL Full Video Bakhmut Trench Close Combat, Ukraine War +18”
  1. if you shoot at this pace in 1 hour you become a prisoner, shoot pointlessly without a target, the man is desperate, this is not a soldier

  2. I found it on 3 different telegrams and only now last night hd footage , but I seen commenter saying drone footage of this event anyone have link find that or know the area

  3. do they feed them metamphetamines like germans did in WW2, or why the fuck would that russian soldier walk like that in a firefight where you barely stick your head up from the trench…? that was purely suicidal behaviour…. he was either forced at gunpoint to stand up and go there, or in some kind of shock, or high on something? IDK .. Im not a soldier, but wtf.

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