• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

CNN gets access to secret location of US artillery being used in Ukraine

CNN’s Phil Black visits the secret location of one of Ukraine’s most powerful weapons in its fight against Russian forces. Opinion: …


33 thoughts on “CNN gets access to secret location of US artillery being used in Ukraine”
  1. LOL… all they did is give Russia a system to reverse engineer. Russia bought a full HIMAR system with missiles on the UKR black market 2 or 3 weeks after they first appeared. PROOF: there is video on twitter of Russians in possession of the system- also remember the HIMAR-O'clock memes for 2 or 3 weeks then it disappeared? it disappeared because RUSSIA spoiled the HIMAR anti-jamming device now they do not work…LOL

  2. Ukrainians are fighting FOR THE WEST. They appreciate what the west has sent. The west should appreciate what Ukraine is doing and send more weapons, SOON, with longer range. The west should stop worrying about escalation. It is better to escalate sooner than later !

  3. Ukrainian troops bomb Energodar, regional authorities in Zaporozhie say.
    Wake up IAEA officials, It's no use waiting for CNN and BBC, who says what they have to say is the CIA and Biden in their daydreams of dementia!
    Grossi said six employees from the International Atomic Energy Agency were still at the plant, after taking 14 people to the facility.
    He added that the number would be reduced to two within the next week and those two would be the IAEA's continued presence at the site for the long term.

  4. heart of stone

    Mother Russia I do not come to your house, where I only have to cry!

    where is the hospitality and cordiality

    I do not cross the threshold where an echo sounds.

    Kill your own people! Devil's lies ring out

    Where's your pride for freedom, credibility

    conscience with honest feelings

    and live in an honest world

    Mother Russia I do not come to your house, where I only have to cry!

    stands up to you Russian citizens

    and says we want to be free, no one keeps us silent

    we don't want war, we don't want invasion

    a conscience with honest feelings, tolerance to all people

    we want to be free in an honest world, our home should be

    Be friendly and cordial

    Get up while you can still cry

  5. How could you let cnn know the location! Cnn are traitors, all these should be secret; cnn don't care about the life of Ukrainians; they are in bed with the enemy.

  6. Ich hoffe nur das alle Kommandeure der ehrlichen Welt

    in einem digitalen Raum zusammen sitzen und das nächste Vorgehen beraten!

    Soviel primäre Ziele wie nötig zerstören (Lager, Kommandozentralen, Treibstoff und Versorgung)

    Wir sind stolz auf Euch! Ruhm der Ukraine! Ehre den Helden!

    „Ehre der Ukraine“ Слава Ukraine Unsere Seele ist bei Euch!

  7. Ukrainians are trying to kill many Russians so Russians will prepare mass graves for Ukrainians soldiers and foreigners- hired soldiers.Russians will chop the hands/palms and feets off or They will blind Ukrainians prisoners and partisans mass executions so In my private opinion Ukrainians and Mercenaries kill Russian prisoners of war .Russia will nuke Ukraine/Ukrainians cities Ukraine will end like Japan .When? When Ukraine will attacks Crimea .If USA will attack Russia, Russia will respond so China will join this war .Russia needs 20000 -50000 nuclear warheads and Russians must install nuclear weapon in cosmos. Russia will neutralize/eliminate 150000-300000 Ukrainian nationalist, If Russians wants win They must hire mercenaries from postsowiet countries and Africa and Third World.They must attack military objects and destroy mercenaries and American and British weapon in Western Ukrainian districts .They must use Soviet Arsenal and Russian Arsenal made between 1928 and 2005 . Russia society prisoners and homeless people Unemployment They will engage in production of missiles rockets tanks and rocket launchers in Russian factories blood donation.Russia will force the criminals to join this war/ to fight against Ukrainian nationalists.Russia will use human shields .Ukrainians prisoners as humann shields fixed to the tanks, columns of trucks and munition depots spaced armor and Arena M fixed to T-50, T-40, T-60, T-70, T-80 .Tanks brought from Post soviet countries and Third world.Civilian uAV and drones turned into flying bombs kamikaze filled with nails and tNT .S-500, S-600, S-550, S-400, Soviet rocket launchers Tornado S,Tornado U, Tornado B, Uran 9 Urragan, Terminatory kindzał zyrkon, iskander,katiusha Topol M, toczki, Sarmat, kalibr rain of thermometric bombs rain of napalm phosphorus weapon and cluster bombs and earth penetration weapon to destroy caves and parlament buildings in Kiev and odessa , laser weapons They will burn forests fields and They will destroy dams

  8. I can't believe my eyes how many people cheer on war these days!! "Send more weapons", "send more money", "Kill the Russians". Not one single comment regarding peace talks, negotiations or end of the conflict. I'm truly amazed at how the US has changed so much.

  9. Should it be stealing and reselling to Europe? The same instruction made in territories of Syria that the United States invades. Nazi deal!
    Former Ukrainian MP says Zelensky ordered confiscation of Russian gas: 'They made the decision to steal'
    Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky has instructed Naftogaz – the country's largest oil and gas company – to study the possibility of stealing Russian gas from transit pipelines, said former Ukrainian lawmaker Ilya Kiva.
    Earlier, the former speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, deputy Dmitry Razumkov, proposed to start an illegal "confiscation" of fuel supplied to the European Union by Moscow through Kiev-controlled territory.
    "Yesterday [Thursday, the 21st], Zelensky set the task for the leadership of Naftogaz to devise a plan to study possibilities and consequences of an unauthorized intervention on Russian gas pumped from Ukraine to Europe," Kiva said.
    The former parliamentarian pointed out that at the moment Ukraine's gas storage facilities have only half of what is needed for the heating period. Therefore, according to him, Zelensky would be ready to violate international obligations.
    "They made the decision to steal," said the former deputy.
    Gas supplied by Gazprom continues to transit regularly through Ukraine, according to the contract, which expires in 2024. Just over 40 million cubic meters are pumped every day through the Sudzha metering station.
    Moscow has been emphasizing that it complies and will strictly comply with its contractual obligations on the supply of gas. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gazprom is ready to send the necessary amount of gas to Europe and that there is no reason to transfer responsibility to Moscow for the energy crisis in Europe.
    "Gazprom has always fulfilled, is fulfilling and intends to fulfill all its obligations. There is no basis for our partners to change or try to transfer their own mistakes to Russia and Gazprom," Putin said last Wednesday (20).
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  10. Deal struck on Ukraine grain exports
    Russia signs Ukraine's grain export deal with Turkey and the UN

    Meanwhile Biden packs in his backpack all the responsibilities like: Whipping on the loins of Haitians and then deportation, Ukraine incitement to war to satisfy his lazy English ally, Etc Etc and Etc. Some say it's not even a backpack anymore, it's a basket. This goes back to the times of the slave philosophers and their many annunciations. – Donkey loaded with sugar until his ass is sweet!.

  11. War between the Biden clan and the English boy Zelensky!
    Determined to fight to the end with Russia, Biden is losing the battle in Ukraine, says media.
    US President Joe Biden is determined to see the end of his indirect war with Russia, but he is losing the battle for Ukraine, writes in his article in The American Conservative the former adviser to US Defense Secretary Douglas. Macgregor.
    "Determined to fight his proxy war with Russia to the end, Biden is losing the battle in Ukraine, and his hallowed instrument, NATO, is on life support. of Biden's approval are the European and North American economies," writes Macgregor.
    NATO's problem is that economic difficulties due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Biden threaten Europe with an economic Armageddon. As an example, the author refers to Germany, the largest economy in the EU and one of the main NATO countries that is experiencing great difficulties.
    According to the article, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz understands that if he leads the ceasefire movement in Europe over Biden's objections, European support for NATO and Biden's failed war with Russia will quickly collapse.
    US policy is dangerous. Americans and Europeans "are growing impatient with their timid and incapable political leaders," concludes Macgregor.

  12. Russia takes crimes against children by the Ukrainian military to the UN Security Council.
    In the last few months alone, 249 civilians, including 16 children, have been killed by Ukrainian forces, says Russian Vice Chancellor at the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky.
    A total of 249 civilians, including 16 children, have been killed in recent months by Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). Another 1,493 civilians, including 83 children, were injured in attacks carried out by Ukrainians in the region. The information was given by Russian Vice Chancellor at the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, at a meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).
    At the meeting, Polyansky highlighted that Ukrainian forces are bombing civilian infrastructure in Donbass, such as kindergartens, schools and medical institutions.
    "Children are being killed, including with weapons supplied by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and other countries that have become complicit in crimes against children," Polyansky said.
    Polyansky cited statistics collected between July 8 and 14. On July 8, Ukrainian troops fired on a kindergarten and music school in Gorlovka, and on a school, kindergarten, medical institution and children's health and education center in Donetsk.
    According to Polyansky, on July 12, an aerial bombardment by Ukrainian forces hit a kindergarten in Horlivka, an orphanage in Makiivka and a basic health care center in Donetsk. As a result, 72 medical and 238 educational institutions were damaged.

  13. Sanctions NOT hurting Russia folks.
    “Iran signs billion-dollar oil and gas agreement with Russian Gazprom. The oil and gas cooperation is the largest in Iran's history.”
    The only war Ukraine is winning is in the media.

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