• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ukrainian bombs drop on Russian military equipment blowing up into pieces. Footage released by the Ukrainian 406th artillery …


24 thoughts on “Huge explosions as Ukrainian drones drop bombs onto Russian howitzer tanks”
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    keep up strong americans NATO / europeans NATO are good teams together and keeps many more drops bombs hits / destroys any of all ussr russia vputin arms weapons down…

    americans and europeans are keeps it all ussr russia arms weapons…

    no send return to ussr russia…

    ussr russia soldiers are action likes the gosphers / moles / mouses / rabbits / rats / voles hides in the small narrow underground pathway

  2. It says here that these were "bombs", so it doesn't have to be western artillery. Suchominus (spelling?) yesterday showed a large UAF quadcopter carrying a huge shell that apparently can mash up a building. About time they moved away from a grenade or RPG shell on their drones. This causes much more fireworks.

  3. Just makes you wonder why Putin loves to lose, so so much! He's such a sad git who just loves bad news and losing and suffering. Loser of the Millennium is Putin the dwarf.

  4. goes to show how badly ukraine are doing that this footage is the best highlight the sun can find in its fanatical support of zelensky. Look outside these censored propaganda outlets and you will see scenes of dead ukrainians everywhere

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