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INSANE CLOSE QUARTER ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

INSANE CLOSE QUARTER ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews Insane Trench Assaults | Ukraine War …


29 thoughts on “INSANE CLOSE QUARTER ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. F'd the initial video I saw looks like they were flanked by the Wagner's while they were supposed to be covering the rear for their squad. Seriously disagree with what the Russians are doing but it does appear that this guy actually tried to get them to surrender I haven't seen this footage before but when he engages them directly he tells them to drop their weapons even tries to take a weapon and they will not give them up (I truly believe they were frozen in fear and didn't know better) his adrenaline was up and he smoked them both at super sad

  2. If those guys would’ve surrendered instead of going for their guns they would most likely be alive right now. He didn’t shoot till they tried to get their weapon’s back then he made the decision. The one thing I haven’t seen is a Ukrainian give a Russian the opportunity to surrender. They just kill the Russians that’s it.

  3. WOW that Russian soldier is brave WOW, I wouldn't have been so nice, if you are that nice all the time You're going to get killed quickly! Just shoot em or you'll get killed yourself! Thats main difference in this war, Ukraine is full of hate while Russians are trying to save EVEN the Very vile hatefilled Ukrainian soldiers! They should not do that, Russian soldiers dying for no reason and Ukrainians hold on much longer than they usually would always thumbing their nose at Russians!

  4. I'm impressed that the Russian waited so long before shooting while he had a gun pointed in his direction for several seconds, especially while fighting for the gun, that's a huge red flag. Unfortunately he did what he had to. I could see a bunch of people that in his stead would not have taken any chances, and rightfully so, but this guy put his life in danger several times here to give them a chance to surrender. And yet… awful, but that's war sadly.

    It seems to me they were just stunned and wounded by that grenade, on top of having their comrade killed with them. At this point they probably had no clue what was happening around them anymore, and thus maybe thought the Russian was a friendly.
    Might even be that the wounded guy understood what was going on in the end but the older guy with his rifle didn't, and that got them both killed.

  5. I found all the real videos online by looking it up in there language with VPN and using their location. I want to make a website showing all the reality of war. I believe it's our 1st amendment right that people know what we are getting ourselves into for those Americans who believe we should go to war with the rest of the world for dominance. This is the cost of war. Brutal acts carried out by goof men forced to do bad things.

  6. A very good possibility that the man that killed those two soldiers died at that moment too. He will take that imagine with him into the rest of his earthly life to come. War is hell.

  7. If you want to see the 2 guys at 5.10get shot point blank with the translation it’s on YouTube just search Russian war crimes you’ll see them in a thumb nail I can’t lie I feel these was Wagner just because of their movement and shit

  8. I really can’t imagine fighting for my homeland on my homeland but if it came down to it, I’d be right there with a fire lit like no other. But it is crazy to me how we have glamorized this. I’ve been in their shoes and the level of anxiety I get from watching stuff like this even after years and years of therapy is insane. Obviously, you don’t think about it when you’re in it and then we’re taught not to after, but all that creates is misery all around you. I pray for them all to find and make peace however they can.

  9. I explain the red armband is 3 types of groupings. (1 – Volunteers. 2 – The Donbass Army and the Wagner PMCs. 3 – Brave. (It's better not to meet them) Video from a Fighter from the group – Brave). His squad is working with thermal imagers, clearing the forest, that's why he shoots so carefully. Almost all of his shots are corpses. The translation here is simple, he ran into their trench, they panicked and started shouting "Their own! don't shoot" and didn't want to drop the weapon. In that battle, they destroyed more than 50 Nazis without losing anyone.

  10. At first combat, he got a termal scope, he killed one at first, and couldn't shout another one, he made several hits, but the guy was still fighting back. ( All this from his words)

  11. Russian soldier acted professionally , gave opportunity to surrender , but enemy not took advantage of it. Then it turned out that soldier on the left-famous Ukrainian Nazi

  12. The russian soldiers were wearing ukranian uniform, Sean didn't say about that, therefore those soldiers couldn't recognize them. As Ukranian I can translate what our soldiers screamed – "you're ours, calm down",

  13. Regarding the two men in the trench. Their death was totally their own fault. They didn't Have to die, BUT instead stupidly chose Not to release the weapon and it cost them both their lives! The Russian Clearly gave them the opportunity to surrender, all the while the Ukrainian refused to give up the weapon, with the muzzle pointed in the Russians direction. He had to make a decision, Them or him.

  14. there is also videos from phones of this dead guys..they talking shi as usual…like they are somekind rambos that going to kill russians ez and raid moscow

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