• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

A year after Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than 200 thousand people are dead or injured and more than …


20 thoughts on “Putin’s War in Ukraine: VICE Special Report”
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  2. Im pro Ukraine but everyone loves to gloss over the fact that every american presidant broke their word and expanded nato(a military alliance) to Russias front door. To anyone who isnt brainwashed by propaganda its literally the equavalent of poking a bull and playing victim when it trys to run u down 0.0 Obviously Putins response is inhumane but are we really expecting like 20 ish years of the west lying and breaking their word over and over again not to have drawbacks?

  3. Just because I speak English doesn't mean I am English. Putin is an idiot because they aren't even Rus. They are barbarians that the stole the Rus name for legitimacy.

  4. Putin should be brought up on war crimes fact if he was an African leader or Middle Eastern leader America would have launched a full investigation

  5. Russian war in Ukraine to be exact, it's not putin who's raping, robbing and killing civilians. Even ruzzian folks who stay home are still guilty to have home grown dicrator bc of their ignorance to the regime they live in

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