• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Battle of Bakhmut which is presently underway, the control of the city is, at this moment, is disputed. There are claims and counter …


19 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine War: Battle on for Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, fate of city hangs in balance | WION”
  1. единственное, что может закончить войну. украинский народ должен свергнуть или свергнуть Зелинского с поста президента. он марионетка Америки и НАТО принесший в жертву страну и народ Украины

  2. Please don’t ever count this as breaking news. You’re so late to the party that you’ve arrived a day late.
    Stop spewing out the same narrative that everyone else has already reported on. Be different. Be breaking news….

  3. I guess the Wagner group leader will have to stay away from high windows, watch what he eats, wipe door handles AND wash his grundies before taking plane flights… This list is getting silly now

  4. The Russians are ruthlessly destroying the Ukrainian people, raping, torturing, and killing them. How does it occur to anyone to suggest peace negotiations? I often see people in the comments who offer them. This is complete nonsense. The Russians should just be exterminated.

  5. Each time Russia says that it does not bring destruction and strikes only at important points. But there is already evidence that they did. Russia is just lying. Every day, civilians are killed and their homes are destroyed. Russia country terrorist

  6. As expected, with the advent of the new year of the war, Putin did not miss the opportunity to escalate the conflict. Russia continues to destroy cities and people. Already half of Ukraine is in a ruined state. When will this nightmare stop?

  7. Ukraine is a modern country with a huge potential in future. Russia is jealous for them because they don’t developing . Putin doesn’t want to invest money into Russian economy

  8. Putin just throws his most battle-ready units to capture this one city after 7 months of constant battles for it. Just curious, what exactly will happen when these units will be incapacitated by Ukrainians and the time for counter-offensive will come? Russians will have no way to defend themselves against well-trained, motivated Ukrainians who will have modern weapons and equipment. The more help we will provide for Ukraine now – the less chances to withstand this attack russians will have.

  9. Now is a very tense moment of the war in the Donbass.
    The results of this battle will determine the future of Ukraine, Europe and the whole world.
    I think it's important to support Ukraine until victory!
    It is necessary to stop the Russian terror now.

  10. I wonder how long it will take our tanks and armored vehicles to go to Bakhmut? I understand that this is a secret, maybe they are already there, Well, then it is interesting when the Russians will start thundering near Bakhmut.

  11. Russia and Putin will be the most disastrous and painful regrets!!! Russia will be in a situation where it can't do this or that. Ignoring Ukraine's geographical characteristics and national character, Russia really made a big mistake. This war will lead to a war that cannot be ended even by nuclear weapons. Russia will sooner or later be each other killed, fought and destroyed in a civil war.

  12. As the new year of war dawned, Putin made new moves. As predicted, the conflict has escalated on all fronts, with Russia systematically obliterating cities. The entire southeastern region of Ukraine now resembles a desolate wasteland, causing untold suffering to millions of Ukrainian citizens. Soledar, Bakhmut, Vugledar, and other cities in the area are gripped by unrelenting fear.

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