• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
  1. That is flawless teamwork from Ukrainian soldiers and if the soldier that was surrounded was communicating with the artillery that means he had faith in their ability to hit the enemy.

  2. Slava Ukraine !! One bad Rambo I. The flesh it's their land and fight beyond what others are capable of. The Will and Courage is in the Heart of these Soldiers

  3. Attacking through a minefield…. that's Russian 'Old School'… Attack is attack… just because 'they' chose to defend with mines instead of men…

  4. Only a child believes this propaganda , one minuet they tell you they need to send arms to Ukraine to save the Nazis next they tell you Ukraine is winning the war as they put up your tax to pay for this fake war that profits the US arms industry and it works every time

  5. Russia Russian military Russian economy be blessed protected successful victorious strong powerful in the name of Jesus Christ!

  6. I'm not Ukrainian, I'm not even European but I want to thank all the people who help and support Ukraine. I also believe it is worth noting that even though the war, right now, is in Ukraine, the battle is for ALL the FREE world, the West, the EU and NATO countries. Slava Ukraine.

  7. “Russians are slow starters but fast riders”, he basically means (we will just keep throwing bodies at you until you submit no matter how many Russians die.)

  8. It`s to use up Russian dregs of society and deplete Ukrainian ammo.You don`t have to pay dead men. let`s see Russians try and get it?
    They get dumb criminals out of their prisons for good.This gives their regulars a rest too.
    Life is not what they value in the Russian leadership.

  9. I get that there is only one Uke soldier hiding in that group of houses but assuming the Russians are sure of this why not radio in attack helicopters to shred this area? In fact now that we've seen hundreds of Uke drone videos showing realtime engagements like the one in this clip…..and we never see Russia attack helicopters coming in rip things up……..
    Anyone have thoughts on this aspect of Russia warfare?

  10. Glory to Ukraine.

    My heart is breaking for the peaceful people of Ukraine.

    May Ukraine expel or defeat and repel all putin invading soldiers waging war on peaceful Ukraine.

    May Ukraine expel defeat or repel all Russian separatists back to Russia.

    the world does not recognize putins fake and illegal referendums

    chief Prigozhin and his Wagner mercenary group are now designated transnational criminal organization

    the world see iranian weapons being sold to putin and used against ukrainian people

    the world see north Korean weapons being sold to putin and used against ukrainian people

    the world sees russia shelling civilians and hospitals and energy infrastructure

    the world sees russia using wepons of mass destruction against civillans

    russia kidnaping and forcibly deporting Ukranian children is a crime

    russia is now internationally recognized as committing crimes against humanity

    May Ukraine destroy all invading russian planes

    May Ukraine have all defense systems to protect itself possible

    May Ukraine De-Militarize the russian invasion

    May Ukraine retake all its stolen land

    May Ukraine destroy all bridges roads railways and passages from Russia to Ukraine

    The world sees putins armies actions the world sees the putins analog lies

    putin can not claim revenge. putin started this war. Ukraine has full moral authority to defend itself and repel Russians

    the world sees putins continued unprovoked unjustified war of aggression on the sovereign country of Ukraine.

    putin is the aggressor no country threatened him. this war is all his fault.

    saint javelin


    saint Himars


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