• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Today : Ukraine elite troops brutally kill 960 Russian troops at combat alert on bakhmut border. FIGHTING on Ukraine’s frontline is …


17 thoughts on “Today(Mar 06)Ukraine elite troops brutally kill 960 Russian troops at combat alert on bakhmut border”
  1. Ukraine loses, that was clear from the beginning, but Russia also loses, we all lose except for the corporate criminals in Washington. They earn a lot of money with every day of war, with every soldier killed, every building. The greater the destruction, the more to rebuild, that is, they will lend to Ukraine, who will become slaves to the USA

  2. This is why so many civilians think Ukraine is winning. Youtube is full of videos from only one side of the conflict and all they hear is how Russia is losing so many soldiers. Of course most of it is bullshit and Russia just keeps grinding away taking town after town.

  3. I love how Youtube only allows videos depicting Ukrainian Army success. The truth is they are running when they can. Most of them forced into service by the Nazi brigades. They don't even want to be fighting.

  4. Wow you should be tracked, investigated and given proper sentence for spreading hate misinformation, disrespect to human life, lack of any historical knowledge. Telling the truth when people die is a must if you don't back anything with true information just don't speak be silent…
    Its so clear and obvious you are money driven individuals caring only about own business. Where are the regulators checking this and how long this will be allowed without any consequences and punishment….?
    There are greater things than money and believing somehow you will be all missed and not affected is pathetic. Nothing to thank you for here you are not making today real truthful experience and definitely you don't think about how make better tomorrow doing this pure evil.

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