• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

This footage released by Unit A1108 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shows artillery using firepower to destroy a convoy of Russian …


28 thoughts on “Ukrainian firepower destroys a convoy of Russian vehicles”
  1. We need to see more blood and guts otherwise feels like a waste of ammo. It ain’t free so don’t go blowing up the entire block just to get one guy.

  2. Russia would last about 5 days against the full force of NATO. Putin needs to be deposed by the Russian military and bring Russia back into the world community. When the demented dwarf has gone Russia can become great again.

  3. As much as I’m against Russia. News pages like this need to stop only showing what Ukraine are accomplishing as it’s giving the impression that Ukraine are on the winning side all the time and we truly don’t know if that’s the case.

  4. It's always a shame to all of us when lives are lost to such a worthless cause. However, Russian invaders should be repelled by all necessary means from ALL of Ukraine for ALL of our sakes.

  5. When we think that SpaceX no longer supports Ukrainian forces. What would this billionaire have done during the Battle of Britain? It is shameful.

  6. 10 Feb. The Ukrainian army, realizing the threat of encirclement and complete elimination, began to hastily leave its positions in Paraskovievka and Krasnaya Gora, trying to avoid getting into the "fire bag". Also, sources in the “Wagner” Group report that the occupational armed forces of Ukraine have finally lost control over the Artemovsk-Slavyansk highway.

  7. Wem hilft es? Wenn deutsche Waffen, Menschen töten. Menschen, die diesen Krieg nicht wollten! Weil Machthaber, Politiker und Präsidenten Krieg spielen. Menschen, wenn Sie durch deutsche Waffen getötet werden, Witwen, trauernde Mütter und Waisenkinder hinterlassen! Unsere hirnlosen Politiker, ganz vorne, die fanatische, großkotzige, Grüne Berbock, machen diesen Krieg zu unserem! Diese Regierung gehört gestürzt!

  8. Putin said, Russian Collusion was a lie. Putin said, that laptop misinformation was a lie. Putin said, if Joe insisted on bringing the Ukraine into NATO, there would be war. Who has been lying to the American people?

  9. Antichrist will be a great deceiver (actor) the world stage will give him a platform to speak. He will appear to unify the world. But he is a deceiver. (Actor) that will bring more war. And armed conflicts. . Asking for more tanks, weapons and bombs in the world stage .

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