• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

UKRAINIAN troops get to grips with British-Made Howitzers as forces fire towards Russian targets. Footage obtained from the …


28 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops fire British-Made Howitzers at Russian targets”
  1. Вы там на острове пока сидите смирно. Скоро и к вам придет Русский мир… И кстати, в Англии самые страшные женщины. Очень страшные. Вы там специально таких выращиваете?

  2. If the British on their island do not know how to do without water, then let them turn to the residents of Donetsk. Which has been shelled for eight years by Ukrainian militants with ammunition supplied by the UK. Killing children, old people, destroying houses, water supply and urban infrastructure.

  3. Заметьте, они не скрывают своих лиц, в отличие от российских военных, которые в 90% случаев в балаклавах на видео

  4. tired of it… Why show a lie?how much do you get paid for disinformation? where is the truth?the Russians won everywhere.The Ukrainian military are fleeing or surrendering in packs!About 8 thousand Ukrainian prisoners of war are under the control of the Russian army on the territory of eastern Ukraine. How many of them will receive the status of accused, it will become clear closer to the tribunal, which will be held by the Russians.

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