• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Mortars Vs. Artillery: Ukrainian Crews Fire Captured Shells Back At Russians


Mar 16, 2023

A Ukrainian mortar battery provides cover for their infantry on the front line in eastern Ukraine. They fire dozens of shells per day, …


30 thoughts on “Mortars Vs. Artillery: Ukrainian Crews Fire Captured Shells Back At Russians”
  1. Can someone tell me the word that the ukrainians are saying just before they pull the cord to set off a gun….sounds to my ears like mistrel but cant make it out any better

  2. I would like to be a millionaire for a day to put a price on Putin's head, and if I were a multi-millionaire with allies I would like to buy millions of bombs to unload in Russia's allied countries and in Russia itself


  3. Makes me cringe every time they fire and the whole mortar jumps up and they have to re-aim it. If only they secured the baseplate properly it would save them so much trouble and they could fire so much faster.

  4. War kills people. You cheer the war. You should go to support'em yourself instead of wearing a helmet while sitting on the sofa on the other side of the planet. You suck while you cheer for the war. You suck too if you show N4zi "propaganda and support" to young people online…
    Go to wat at your home! We want peace in Europe!

  5. I'd ask why the Russians aren't just leaving sabotabed/ booby trapped weapons behind for the Ukranians to use. But then those sort of mad lad moves wouldn't fit the propaganda narrative. So, that totally would never happen. Right?

  6. Who is saying russian troops outnumber Ukraine? Russian tv maybe? I hear the good guys outnumber the Russians 3:1 in Kherson.

  7. Negotiation and peace are the correct procedures. In reality, war is failure, and death of innocent women, children and nice old ladies getting their feet blown off, and little girls bleeding to death. Anything else they tell you is irrelevant and deceptive.

  8. The free world needs to send more heavy weapons to enable the people of Ukraine to drive out this totally abhorrent invader. If that was the case then whole Russian units would be surrendering knowing that they would be treated according to the Geneva Convention. It would speed up the end of the war and save Ukrainian lives. Slava Ukraine!

  9. Even if some of the mortars don't directly land on any Russian soldier. The impact and psychological level will force many of them to flee their defensive position.

  10. После каждого выстрела заново наводят…отличный хлам поставили! Два выстрела и ответка прилетела…

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