• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukraine’s military captured a Russian Army manual that suggests it’s adopting a new tactical-level organizational structure.


19 thoughts on “Russia Reworks Military Strategy After Ukraine War Setbacks|Regulars Following Wagner Tactics Now?”
  1. Every strategy will b defeated .supply lines can't be maintained, communication compromised , Dated equipment , poorly fed and trained troops , Every warehouse and supply dump will b destroyed .Foolish man this is your bridge too far

  2. i think that they should use the drones to overwatch the battlefield (even more drone operators/spoters on the teams as much as necessary) unless they are that broke, the assault teams should be of 4, and the medevac should be less bureaucratic

  3. There is only one problem with this strategy, Russian troops aren't motivated to fight and if put into small units, they are likely to avoid taking risk, and possibly feel more embolden to facilitate casualties on their unit leader when away from the watchful eyes of more concentrated force.

  4. Who cares about Putin's new strategy – their strategy was a lightning attack on Ukraine on Feb24 2022 – and then someone blew up a dam and ruined the whole war and Russia lost – but that hasn't sunk in yet – the Russians have been retreating ever since that dam thing happened. The big news is the 'Fire Hawks' – average human beings sick and tired of being sick and tired of Putin – and many have drones – and many are taping or somehow fitting firebombs or whatever to them and smashing them into things the Russian army needs to wage war – fuel depots – buildings – whatever – and taking back the power – Power to the People……

  5. Ukraine is not even coming close to winning this war their whole entire country is a parking lot all the other countries are running out of leftover stockpiled because they're giving Ukraine all their Reserves not including if Ukraine was doing so well why do I have to pay 100 billion dollars of my tax pay in dollars for War I don't give a f*** about go that's right because the big guy needs his 10% couldn't get it right he started off with his weakest troops and as shity as gear the battle-hardened them for what's coming next

  6. So Russia finally realizes the stupid plan didn't work. So let's hear your next stupid plan. So you want to reorganize your entire army currently on the battlefield, reassign and retrain your leaders to follow the new tactic, all while battles rage on. Hilarious. You should have thought of that several years ago. Too late now for this current war.

  7. The suppression of the Russian public to the truth is coming back to haunt Putin. They realize now their being lead by a madman and their families have no value to Russian leaders and are being used as pawns to die in a useless war over a madman greed of power. Russia will collapse one way or another!! No man has the right to destroy people for his own useless greed!!!

  8. Apparently the Dictator Vlad Putin will FIRE some more of his Generals and promote some of those Convicts to Generals, that way he KNOWS they are REAL experienced Criminals….err Generals!

  9. Putin's regime is not only evil, but it's also despicable and much worse than you think. Now, these Orcs have arrested a 13 years old girl for drawing a painting of peace in her class. Her teacher gave her up to the police. The FSB has sent her to an orphanage and her father to jail! That is what´s really going on!

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