• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

UKRAINIAN special forces and artillery blow up Wagner Group platoon in huge blast in Bakhmut. In this brutal footage, …


14 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery blow up Wagner Group platoon in huge blast in Bakhmut”
  1. Platoon??? No, not platoon. It was rather like 10.000 of them being blown up, that's so obviously visible on this video. You guys should learn to count at least to 2 before you upload such clickbite title.

  2. Like to see the Russian ‘videos’ where Russian troops destroy Ukrainian armaments
    Strange that, they don’t exist

    This war is about climate change & western debt ( the fiat currency model )
    This war will go on for years & they are all in on it.

  3. So not one huge blast but a series of smaller blasts… like say what an artillery strike might look like. Ah click bait headlines. Thanks Rupert. Journalism at its best.

  4. I feel bad for all those Ukrainians who have lost farms, houses, barns and other commercial campuses that have been occupied and destroyed, their fields in pieces and possible unexploded ordinance everywhere. Sanctioned Russian cash/assets should be liquidated to help pay.

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