• Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Ukrainian troops are in the trenches trying to stop a new Russian offensive in the East. NBC News’ Richard Engel is on the ground …


34 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops facing trench warfare with new Russian offensive”
  1. Why do these people keep begging for more weapons and money if Russia is so weak? We already gave them over 2 million rounds of artillery shells more than we used in Afghanistan.

  2. Ahh fighting for western fake democracy Idiological, why U.S.A put the most recognizable freedom fighter nelson Mandela on terrorists list until 2008.then? While he was fighting for freedom for 30years?? Westerns they doesn't care about you except their monopoly expansion, don't get fooled.

  3. Russia truly started this unfortunate war. And Russia specializes in killing innocent civilians… due to their Putin-induced hatred and heartlessness. Countries that support Russia are equally diabolical.

  4. This just tells us that the days of the tanks are coming to an end and artillery as returned to be the dominant force on the battlefield, our great great grandfathers has tanks to breakthrough and today we have the means to counter them effectively, trench warfare has for some long coming back to be the norm of modern warfare

  5. If you want to report on the war you should also show the reality of how horrible it really is and show the dead bodies that have been blown to pieces so people can have a real aspect un edited then they might strive for peace

  6. This war is a hoax to sucker USA into war and get weapons.Why are we supporting war again America.America you are so gullible.America you will believe anything the news says.This is a well run Hollywood movie.Remember White Noise movie.USA will not be able to tell movie from reality thanks to people like L Ron Hubbard.

  7. For a year now, Russia has been destroying Ukrainian territory and civilians. We must not allow Putin to decide to go against Europe, so we must help Ukraine until it wins.

  8. The f-16s will help close the skies over Ukraine and thus civilian casualties will be reduced. It is important to understand that Russia is a big and heavy enemy with a lot of equipment. Ukraine must reach parity in the amount of military equipment

  9. With our help, Ukraine has been fighting the Russian occupiers for a year now. The most important thing is to increase aid so that Ukrainians can regain the territories occupied by Russia

  10. This is a decisive moment in this war and the world must rally around Ukraine even more strongly by providing it with tanks and other heavy equipment. Every doubt is a chance for Russia

  11. We must halt this aggression before it causes harm to the majority. The implications of the aftermath could have catastrophic consequences for the region's future. Furthermore, continuing hostilities and attacks on civilians will exacerbate the exodus, adding pressure to other countries.

  12. I hope he and his people will survive this war and return home to their families. We need to help Ukraine to win this war until even more people will suffer from it. It's been obvious for months now that putin doesn't care about peace so negotiations are not really possible here. Even if Ukraine will agree on something with russians – they will lie as they always did and this war will continue regardless. What we need is a complete military victory of Ukrainian army over russian occupants. Only that will be a guarantee of a peaceful Europe.

  13. The Russians sent so many soldiers to the slaughter near Soledor Ugledar and Bakhmut,
    that the defense of these cities will go down in history as the Kremlin's bloodiest crimes against its people…

  14. Western countries definitely boycott made in China product *boycott, *worldwide Chinese made products is every freedom loving citizens of the world’s moral duty alone* indeed! About economics, David Ricardo economic theory of comparative trading advantages, {stated his theory at the end as very important reminder how China can hurt itself so much more than Western Countries, which China will be absolute terrible economic loser, at the least and so much more, if she, China, choose such foolish path by *aiding and abetting war criminals and terrorist state like Russia*!}, etc. is what China has been utilizing and yet China still must to build and sustain any economy that China is ONLY *supply side player more than demand side and technically and otherwise, no way anywhere China's export economy can sustain the level of required, absolutely, WITHOUT trading quite deeply integrated economic partners with US, UK, EU! US can experience some inconvenience, high cost, but US has option from two dozen or more countries around the world from high tech goods from Japan, S Korea, more from EU, and low cost goods from near 80-million plus Vietnam, basically China's nemesis, and India will not stop trading with US, and 100 plus million Mexico, next door to US, the ENTIRE North, South, Central Latin America, 100 million plus Philippine, near 300 million Indonesia, near 70 million Thailand, and Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and most of middle eastern countries US, UK, EU can get their *cheaper goods from aforementioned counties any problems, and *in fact, these countries would be more than happy to increase their trade with US, EU, and UK. However, with US, UK, EU, like now, banded together to sanctions many more ways than China the devastating economic sledgehammer shall strike at the heart of China's economy; if and when China decided to as supply lethal arms to Russian in a way to emulate US of proxy war supporting Ukraine, China's economy shall crumble without any shadow of doubt indeed, aside from being another global-pariah with being *war criminal country Russia's accomplice! In terms of military aspect of China, without flourishing economy, any country for that matter, China's military will eventually crumble much faster rate than anyone can envision! So, STOP worry, because I shall say if there is any *commonsense in China's leadership, one does not have to be grand scale strategist, China must stay out of being *war criminal accomplice of evil Russian war criminal mafia regime in a state scale! Do NOT need to make too complicated polices, analysis, etc. China's survival to feed its 1.4 billion people and maintain now built middle class, it is with US, EU, UK, otherwise, already been stated, extremely foolish China's leadership is committing *economic suicide and betrayal to her, China, own people's livelihood indeed… Just below wiseman's foretold! *Details about David Ricardo {Scottish Economist and number one student of Adam Smith, a father of Economics, i.e. The author of the *Wealth of Nations, etc.*} [An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, generally referred to by its shortened title The Wealth of Nations, is the magnum opus of the Scottish economist and moral philosopher Adam Smith]. USA

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