• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

War in Ukraine: Russia tries to close ring on Bakhmut as Ukrainians resist • FRANCE 24 English

Ukrainian forces hung on to their positions in the ruined eastern city of Bakhmut early on Thursday (March 2) under constant …


26 thoughts on “War in Ukraine: Russia tries to close ring on Bakhmut as Ukrainians resist • FRANCE 24 English”
  1. I don't think that this analyst really knows what he is talking about. I seriously doubt that Russian losses are higher than those of the Ukranians.

  2. Zelensky sacks commander of Ukraine's joint forces and the misinformation regarding successful counter attacks indicates that the end is near and perhaps this will lead to negotiations with Russia if the West allows that to happen. It will be hard for Ukrainian government to explain the loss to the people.

  3. ATACMS long range artillery missiles will mitigate nuclear escalation by conditioning ATACMS against targets in occupied Ukraine & Crimea; defeat Russian shelling & avoid direct conflict between US, NATO & Russia.

  4. ATACMS long range artillery missiles weaken Russia's defenses & key to shifting towards maneuver rather than artillery centric attentional warfare. Don't allow the war to drag on. End it now!

  5. Fall of Bakhmut is the fall of Donbas. Bakhmut is Russia's stepping stone in eastern push. If US & NATO fails to act now, it risks allowing Moscow to regain initiative in spring & summer.

  6. Ukrainian has no more soliders left, after bakhmut the war is over, it’s just matter of time, the new weapons are coming from USA, but they go missing after a week or so, guess who gets the hands on them, Muslims are praying for USA to put the boots on the ground, then that’s the end of USA

  7. Russia have 10x the weapons on the battlefield. The idea Ukraine Forces are not being killed more often is mathematical gymnastics of an Orwellian bliss.

  8. 2.31._"…symbolic for the Russians…"._Bakhmut was never symbolic for the Russians. It was always a real big gain for Russians. The Ukrainians said that Bakhmut was a symbolic gain for the Russians.

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