• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Over the past week, units of the National Guard’s 3rd operational brigade eliminated or neutralized more than three hundred …


29 thoughts on “ATTACK FOOTAGE (Mar 06) Hundreds of Russians Soldier couldn't break the siege near Ugledar”
  1. Hi, please read to the end ** According to German author Ernst Wolf Book Loan for the Destruction of Every Man Aware of New World Designs Because Look at the World Bank's Debt Level * US $ 30 trillion German $ 9 trillion Now if all the countries' debt to the World Bank is $ 280 trillion: That owes $ 7 trillion to the World Bank, while Germany's annual income ratio is almost 80% and some of the industrialized and seemingly advanced countries have an annual debt ratio above 200%, with fewer countries at 30% but not in any country in the world, so the World Bank owns the CIA and the President. And they will execute if they do not ((cause revolution or change of government and become new to the World Bank's orders))) and the people of the countries are unaware of it * As a result, countries with a new World Bank have no other way than to accept World Bank policies that make all the people of those countries a World Bank slave

  2. Over 100 000 ukro soldiers have been eliminated this far. The Ukro air force is almost destroyed. The Ukro navy can be found at the bottom of the Black Sea. Over 7700 ukro tanks and armoured vehicles are destroyed. Over 4000 Ukro artillery guns and mortars are destroyed. Over 1000 Ukro rocket launchers are destroyed. With such losses it is obvious who is going to lose the war…hundreds of ukro soldiers dies every day at the front.

  3. Propaganda….how about you tell the truth…Russia is going to win and the west in funding and arming Ukrainians to lead them to their deaths and like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, lybia ..etc its all a money laundering operation that enriches weapons manufacturers and polatitions who don't give a fuck about Ukrainians or they wouldn't have pulled off a coup in 2014 instal zelinsky and allow him to kill 14,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east…then putin stepped in to help and now the globalists say its an unprovoked attack on Ukraine when for 30 yrs nato has been pushing weapon systems closer and closer to Russia…the biden administration destroyed the pipeline to stop and keep germany from having a relationship with Russia and caused one of the biggest natural disasters in a generation and all for geo political gain. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and biden and his family/party ha e been useing it to funnel aid money I to their own pockets..this war is a scam and I don't support Ukraine or Russia , but Ukraine is a dictatorship and its goverment under zelinsky jailed journalists and any opposition party members from ru Ning in elections it doesn't allow gay marriage, it shuts down and condems gay rights and religion etc…wake up people..this war is a scam.

  4. Just a countinue our hide a grate answer our realation and cooperation our defence a minister all kind that our leaders a our goverment in a nato must have countinue a support and defend me especially our differ places our countries always I'm Peter soto Manalo a minister a goverment all kind

  5. "In total about fifteen servicemen were decimated in a week?" I think that works out to about 1.5 soldiers over that time. Is this narrated by a robot that talks bollox?

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