• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Russian troops handed four-hour life expectancy inside Ukraine frontline. Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly said they sometimes …


24 thoughts on “ATTACK FOOTAGE!! Ukraine forces destroy 200 Wagner Groups & 500 Russian VDV troops in Bakhmut”
  1. Lots of old footage and not very accurate reporting. I have friends on the ground on the UKR side who say casualties are massive. The Ukrainian Embassies globally are trying to track down every overseas male from 18 to 55. Bakhmut is about to fall.

    Time to face the reality that perhaps the Donbass (which was 98% ethnic Russian might not be worth all this and should go back to Russia.

  2. Lies. IDF leaked report states 160,000 Ukraine KIA deaths at least triple injured and maimed.
    Zelensky going to run to Tel Aviv or Florida with his billions, especially those $$ from selling weapons on black market to Russia, Iran, China and others.

  3. If you think your 5 dollars 10 dollars or 20 dollars wont make a differnce your wrong and she tells you how your money is making a difference to help them free their land.if you stand with ukraine you can donate to several legit places if you dont know tose places you can send me a message and ill let you know of several legit ones

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