• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Map shows territorial shifts in Ukraine since war began one year ago

(24 Feb 2023) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has covered a large part of the country’s territory. This animation shows areas …


14 thoughts on “Map shows territorial shifts in Ukraine since war began one year ago”
  1. Poland, Romania and Hungary should attack Ukraine in the west to regain its territory, those places do not belong to Ukraine, the Russian tsars took it and merge it off to Ukraine, there has never been a Ukrainian state in history

  2. Interesting… so the Russian have basically stopped advancing since June last year, and it's mainly been the Ukrainians trying to reclaim land territories.

  3. Next attack will be germany if they forget their moral values and environmental impact siding with USA. Seen them proving themselves concubine states as a whole representing EU, hence forth its sure,no respect even within the EU. Trying to become a master killing all including asia and africa by their might which will have adverse effect.. No self respect.

  4. The pinnacle of Megalomania is stating that: "we now own this Oblast"… while at the same time having no control over it, no plan, very little will, badly equipped.

    Russia wants a lot but executes very poorly.

    Russia is pestilence for entire Eurasia continent!!

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