• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

MOMENT Russian attack helicopter is blown out the sky by Ukrainian artillery. In this dramatic footage, a Russian combat …


25 thoughts on “Moment Russian attack helicopter is blown out the sky by Ukrainian artillery”
  1. Ukraine wasting artillery shells because the west gives them for free. Why blow up an abandoned vehicle? Make them buy the weapons via loans

  2. Imagine the Forward Observer talking to Arty:
    FO: Enemy helicopter flying east at 100knots, 20m above ground. Current grid 123455, how copy?
    Arty: Roger that. Calculating and Sending it now. Standby…
    FO: That’s a Delta Hotel!

  3. Few people know the origin of the slogan glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes. This slogan happened, in 43, a detachment led by Bender was purged of Jews, Poles, Muscovites – Russians and Ukrainians supporting them. Cutting them out with axes and impaling babies on stakes. Volyn in 1943 is a confirmation of this. Russian Russian soldier Zelensky's side is Bender's fans, when they broke down all the monuments to the Russian soldier, they praised the veterans of the Gestapo, who manually dismembered Poles, Russians, Jews and Russian-speaking Ukrainians without weapons.

  4. The world is tired of being unipolar and needs diversity, I am sure that Russia will reach this goal and most of the people of the world will be with her and living beautifully requires sacrifice. Many people will perish.

  5. The international standard for war is to retaliate fiftyfold more against a country that provokes first. Ukraine should attack Russia fiftyfold more. Every country should help Ukraine attack Russia fiftyfold.

  6. Makes you wonder who the important person was in the tank to merit being rescued that way?. Sure was not just some crazy ivan conscript thats for sure.

  7. Just wish they didn’t go so crazy with it. If it’s destroyed, leave it be. There was like a dozen extra holes from arty after that first blast or two. You don’t need to waste ammo and you’re giving away your position even more which risks more Ukrainian lives. Once destroyed, scoot and set up to support and hopefully take out some more targets.

  8. They should just use the consumer grade drones they have into the tail rotor section of the helicopters, if there's any way to attach an explosive and detonate it as part of the collision, even better. I've worked extensively with both manned rotary wing aircraft and consumer grade drones throughout my career, and can tell you that doing so would, at a minimum, cause enough damage that the aircraft must disengage to return to base or make an emergency landing as soon as possible. However, considering the low altitude and often low forward speed military helicopter tactical doctrine demands to avoid ground fire and MANPADS engagements, the more likely result would be a catastrophic loss of tail rotor effectiveness in the absolute worst place in the aircraft's flight envelope, and a less than survivable unscheduled rapid disassembly of the aircraft and pilots.

    This wouldn't work on the Kamov Ka-50 on account of it's coaxial main rotor system which removes the need for a tail rotor, and I am not familiar enough with that platform to say where it's vulnerabilities would be, but I do know that it has weaknesses, just gotta find it.

  9. Wow look at the description:
    'a Russian combat helicopter can be seen plummeting to the ground after being struck by a direct hit from a Ukrainian marksman'

    1. its on the ground already.
    2. a marksman is a sniper. a sniper doesn't shoot artillery rounds.

    This is really quite laughable the level of basic knowledge.

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