• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

A Russian military unit was reportedly destroyed by Ukrainian artillery after it was found hiding in the only cover for miles.


25 thoughts on “Russian unit hiding in trees destroyed by Ukrainian artillery strike”
  1. Russian Tactical Drill #88: “If being attacked by enemy artillery, while hiding in a sparsely wooden area – remain still! The enemy will not see you if you ignore the incoming rounds, instead of foolishly leaving the impact area.”

  2. Только если бы русские были достаточно умны, чтобы понять, что они переживают революцию, возможно, они бы указали свое оружие на правильный путь, иначе вернутся к отправителю, прежде чем их отправят на мясорубку

  3. You want to root for the Ukranians ….and then again I wonder what I am doing because those are people dying who didn't necessarily want a war at all. This sucks.

  4. Russische Blogger sagen die Verluste werden zu hoch

    Kälte dringt wie ein Schauer durch die Wirklichkeit.

    Die Geier kreisen schon in Putins Träumen.

    Alexander Bortnikow entmachtet systematisch Putin!

  5. Russians are fighting like they're on a picnic, they've got to get serious if they want to win, this is totally sub-ww2 tactics, even sub-ww1 tactics….pathetic.

  6. I have no hatred for Russians, and am sad to see them getting clobbered. I support Ukrainians and their fight . This…is nasty…disgusting. But the Russians…you guys are using 1945 tactics…really? I hate to say it…a song…by Sting…Russian Mother's love their children too.

    Putin is sending them into a meat grinder. God bless the Ukranians for their fierceness….but at the same time….i hate to see these Russian kids chewed up,,for a man's vanity.

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