• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

See why a crowd laughed at a top Russian official


Mar 17, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov drew laughter from a crowd in India when he falsely claimed the Russian invasion of …


34 thoughts on “See why a crowd laughed at a top Russian official”
  1. What I have to say is that like him or loathe him, Lavrov has impeccable comedic timing.

    Don’t get me wrong – I don’t actually like him as a person even though I feel bad that he has two bad choices for his life’s end: he can either continue to push the schlock he pushes (with a straight face) or get snuffed by his boss. OR he can go to the frontline and get snuffed there (as seemingly most of the Russian boys have been. Either way, he still has this moment to bask in the warm glow of a happy audience; the rest will just sound like gunfire.

  2. I think the head of the Wagner group calling on their President to pull out Ukrainian troops out of Bakhmut because they have them all but surrounded. That they should withdraw because the pincer is closing. Means it is probably most likely that Wagner is just about completely out of ammo and proper support. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Unbelievable how stupid Russians must be to give this guy the confidence to blatantly lie like that. Right at the moment of laughter he must have thought, oh, I'm not in Russia?

  4. If we allow with the impunity the US to continue being the biggest world terrorists, this world is doomed. Thank God, some countries won't let that happen. Thank you, Mr. Lavrov! We know who's fighting against Russia… and why, as well as why and who was laughing at the words of truth. The masks are off.

  5. sad to see a once respected Russian diplomat making a mockery of himself by engaging in such blatant distortion of history. Russia could have used patient diplomacy and chose to invade hoping for quick victory and ending up with a quagmire. Mr. Lavrov should now think peace diplomacy.

  6. Yes. After Russia’s military crossed the Ukrainian boarder and invaded the Ukraine, the Ukrainian people had the gall to defend there homeland and defend their women and children. How dare the Ukrainian people shoot at Russian soldiers in self-defense. Next the Russian government will be asking for Ukrainian war crimes trials.

  7. PUTIN IS AN OLD GOX. He is a servant to a modern day Hitler…a fascist bastard ho lives in the past… Old foxes live on lies lies and Propaganda and nothing else…

  8. So sad to see how Russia has deteriorated after the high hopes we had after the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union. Lavrov comes across as an arrogant mouthpiece for a regime that is failing badly. His and Putin's place in history is now fixed, and it is on the wrong side of history. I hope one day Russia will become a real democrazy. Today it is just crazy.

  9. That's when you know things aren't going well in the country if you first attack and then blame them. The same as the Russian government complains when Ukraine attacks Russia. What kind of war is it, where only one side can only defend? On the other hand, I understand, because Russia has always been part of the attacking side.

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