• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Russian forces on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, press forward their weeks-long drive to encircle and capture the eastern …


15 thoughts on “Ukraine digs in as Russia hammers Bakhmut”
  1. I’ve questions to Russia’s Putin: you killed large amount of innocent Ukrainian civilians, including young children, women, elderly by bomb-shelling, missile attacks into Ukraine’s cities and towns. Did you say your military is terrorist unit? Why are you always doing the right way? And Ukraine and the West are always wrong to you? Who provoked this war first???
    The world is condemning Russia for killing innocent Ukrainian civilians.

  2. Ukraine is now losnig all the way in the north in the Kharkiv region all the way going south through Luhansk, Donetsk and all the way to Cherson – were Russia is building up forces to advance.

    While Russia is building 25 T-90 per month, and with that production increasing to 50 per month this spring and China now officially said it will help Russia and every single European, Austronesian, American, African, must be exterminated only the two supreme superior master races of Han and Russians have the right to exist – that's the official statement and position of the CCP and Putin – and NATO producing 1 MBT per month – that's 100% of NATO capacity – it's only a matter of time when NATO can not defend the world anymore against Russia and China and they will conquer the whole planet and slaughter all inferior races – which is everyone who isn't Han or Russian.

  3. Seen how those trenches saved Ukrainian soldiers life's , afraid they don't help with today's weapons. Digging their own grave's after elenzky refuse Ukrainian soldiers retreat from bakhmut.
    US intelligence said elenzky have to save his soldiers in Bakhmut some weeks ago, elenzky answer sending more troops into suicidal missions in Bakhmut, letting more soldiers getting trapped.
    Not the first time, wonder witch side elenzky are behind.
    He for sure helping Russia successfully demilitarized Ukraine in every city, not the first time.

  4. Bakhmut fate is already sealed,it would only be days before it will fall in the hands of the Russians and its allies,nazis left inside the city are now in a"meat grinder"..

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