• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian Artillery Team Takes M777 Out Of Action In Expert Time

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19 thoughts on “Ukrainian Artillery Team Takes M777 Out Of Action In Expert Time”
  1. This shows why people, not weapons are the most important tool in war. The best weapons systems require good people, good training, good teamwork.

  2. Scoot n shoot baby! Just like the himars. Get that thing out of there and also put decoys on the front lines. Trick the Russians. Have them go the wrong direction and then attack with a counter offensive. Make them run away again. Keep hitting them Ukraine! I'm so proud of you guys. From USA

  3. С чужой кредитною артою, на чужом камазе – выбились украинцы из грязи в князи

  4. This is why the Germans created the PzH2000…. 30 sec after the last round fired the Howitzer is gone… This was especially designed to evade counter fire. Not to be used as 155mm Machine Gun (with up to 10 rounds per minute). 😉

  5. I've seen a British artillery competition (some kind of British ROTC thing) where 4 teams at once picked up, carried, hauled over a 5' vault, then setup a field artillery piece.
    I can see how artillery teams can have a "thing" that's competitive.

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